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REPUBLICA began their tour at London’s Garage with a superb line-up of supporting players in TENEK and KOVAK who provided a wonderful evening of entertainment. As REPUBLICA took to The Garage stage, they got a rapturous welcome but just as ‘Bloke’ got started, there was a power failure. Saffron grinned thorough the commotion and bantered with the crowd but as soon as the sequences fired up, it was back to business with Saffron’s feisty persona. Continue Reading ›

TENEK Interview

tenekoneFour years on from their debut EP release, edgy synth duo TENEK return with 'EP2'. Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer have built a loyal following since the band's inception in 2007. The lead track from 'EP2', 'What Do You Want?' features none other than Chris Payne on violin. Geoff Pinckney from TENEK talked to TEC about the new EP and the band's future plans. Continue Reading ›

TENEK On The Wire

tenek_otwBrighton-based duo TENEK first came to our attention with their debut album 'Stateless' in 2009. Their distinctive sound, combining hard-edged electro with catchy synth pop hooks won them a legion of admirers. TENEK are themselves massive fans of the genre, and their influences past and present shine through in their music. Now they return with a brand new album 'On the Wire'. Continue Reading ›


CODE Ghost Ship (2020) ALKA Regarding The Auguries (2020) NIGHT CLUB Die Die Lullaby (2020) RENARD Waking Up In A Different World (2020) MANI NEUMEIER + ZEUS B HELD The Secret Lives (2020) TRAIN TO SPAIN ¿Amor? (2020) THE SMASHING PUMPKINS Cyr (2020) FEMMEPOP Tom Dooley (2020) YELLO Point (2020) AaRON Ultrarêve (2020) LINEA ASPERA […] Continue Reading ›


The Electricity Club celebrates its tenth birthday and it really has been synthly the best. It is still pushing the envelope, continuing to reflect the interests of people who love the Synth Britannia era and have a desire to hear new music seeded from that ilk. With artists like ANI GLASS, IMI, KNIGHT$, NINA, MECHA MAIKO, GEISTE and PLASMIC among those on the cusp of a wider breakthrough, there is still more excellent music still to be created, discovered and savoured. Continue Reading ›

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