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A Short Conversation with TENEK

Tenek_Promo_2015-2Since the release of their third album ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ in Autumn 2015 and a triumphant launch event at The Garage in London, things have been comparatively quiet for TENEK. But they are now back with their 2011 song ‘What Do You Want?’ included on the forthcoming compilation ‘The Electricity Club and the release of a new EP ‘Imitation Of Life’. TENEK kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about the genesis of ‘What Do You Want?’ and their upcoming plans. Continue Reading ›

TENEK Smoke & Mirrors

TENEK Smoke & MirrorsIt’s been five years since TENEK’s last full length album release ‘On The Wire’, but the duo have now finally released their third opus ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. But it has been a long time coming… are Geoff Pinckney and Pete Steer as hungry as they once were? For this album, there is a change in direction with drummer Steve Clark making his presence felt on seven tracks. Continue Reading ›


REPUBLICA began their tour at London’s Garage with a superb line-up of supporting players in TENEK and KOVAK who provided a wonderful evening of entertainment. As REPUBLICA took to The Garage stage, they got a rapturous welcome but just as ‘Bloke’ got started, there was a power failure. Saffron grinned thorough the commotion and bantered with the crowd but as soon as the sequences fired up, it was back to business with Saffron’s feisty persona. Continue Reading ›

TENEK Another Day EP

CD_CardwalletThis month sees the return of TENEK with their eagerly awaited new EP, ‘Another Day’. It’s been nearly 18 months since their last release, ‘EP2’, which earned glowing reviews and won over a legion of new fans. The intervening months have been a transitional time for the band, having parted company with their record label and reverted to their original line-up as a two piece. Now the duo are back with a new resolve and a four track EP, the debut release for their own Alien Six label. Continue Reading ›

TENEK Interview

tenekoneFour years on from their debut EP release, edgy synth duo TENEK return with 'EP2'. Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer have built a loyal following since the band's inception in 2007. The lead track from 'EP2', 'What Do You Want?' features none other than Chris Payne on violin. Geoff Pinckney from TENEK talked to TEC about the new EP and the band's future plans. Continue Reading ›

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