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TENEK Smoke & Mirrors

TENEK Smoke & MirrorsIt’s been five years since TENEK’s last full length album release ‘On The Wire’, but the duo have now finally released their third opus ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. But it has been a long time coming… are Geoff Pinckney and Pete Steer as hungry as they once were? For this album, there is a change in direction with drummer Steve Clark making his presence felt on seven tracks. Continue Reading ›

GRIMES Art Angels

GRIMES-art-angelsSo, here it is, veiled in mystery for months, with an unclear release date and promises of a masterpiece - the fourth album by the Canadian songstress Claire Boucher aka GRIMES. 'Art Angels' is manna for the hungry fans of the extraordinary and self-sufficient Music Dame and a worthy follow-up to 2012’s 'Visions'. Boucher herself has stressed that this production "lyrically, it's more political and less abstract than before..." Continue Reading ›

SOLAR FAKE Another Manic Episode

solar fake_anothermanicepisodeBerlin’s SOLAR FAKE came into existence in 2007, creating an instant stir in the electronica circles, hungry for more anger and industrial laden beats. To date, they have released three albums, 'Broken Grid', 'Frontiers' and 'Reasons To Kill'. The latest 'Another Manic Episode' is described by the band themselves, as their best work to date, which immediately invites the challenge to verify the veracity of this claim. Continue Reading ›

ME THE TIGER Vitriolic

ME THE TIGERFalun in Sweden is the hometown to yet another superb electronic act from this Nordic land. Gabriella Åström (vocals synths), Tobias Andresson (synths / guitars) and Jonas Martinsson (drums / programming) are the trio who comprise ME THE TIGER. 'Vitriolic' opens with 'As We Really Are'; delicate girly vocals gently ease the audience into a massive bridge and chorus, which is larger than life, with heavy drums and a powerful guitar. Continue Reading ›

ELECTRONIC SUMMER 2015 at Gothenburg Brewhouse

ES2015-Marsheaux+TrainToSpainThe best sort of electronic music events are those curated by electronic music enthusiasts, people who actually enthuse about the genre, recognise its history and expel a passion to see it continue as a defined artform. With VNV NATION, SOLAR FAKE, MARSHEAUX, KARIN PARK and PYSCHE featuring in the Electronic Summer 2015 line-up, a sell-out crowd at the Brewhouse Arena was eagerly anticipating a great weekend of music and culture. Continue Reading ›

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