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Introducing SUI ZHEN

With her performance art ethos, Melbourne-based SUI ZHEN offers surreal observations on the intersections between human life and technology. With echoes of Los Angeles songstress SINOSA, ‘Perfect Place’ is a delightfully odd but accessible trailer to SUI ZHEN’s brand new long playing offering 'Losing, Linda', the genesis of which began during an artistic residency in Japan and completed in Australia under the trauma of her mother's ill health and eventual passing. Continue Reading ›

RAMMSTEIN Live at Stadium MK

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see German Industrial rockers RAMMSTEIN tour in the past, the main question you will end up asking yourself is “will they be able to top their previous show?”. The answer to that question after The Electricity Club witnessed their only UK date this year was a resounding “ja!”, but more about that later… An early arrival at the Stadium MK was greeted with the sight of an enormous part ‘Mad Max’, part Fritz Lang inspired stage set Continue Reading ›


FEMMEPOP aka Margaret O’Sullivan carries the baton of Irish electronic music rather proudly, alongside other Emerald Isle acts like CIRCUIT3, TINY MAGNETIC PETS, iEUROPEAN or EMBRACE THE CRISIS. ‘London’ reflects FEMMEPOP’s continuing love affair with the city she’s living in, its sounds, tastes, looks and enormous diversity, which makes it the amazing place it is. While the previous offerings were utilising her main instrument, the voice, ‘London’ is devoid of any vocals. Continue Reading ›

TYCHO Weather

The progression of San Francisco based TYCHO aka Scott Hansen through the years is nothing  short of admirable. The artist, who is also an internationally well-known graphic designer under the name of ISO50, started small with a side solo project, which has finally developed into ‘Weather’. Accompanied by long term collaborators, Zac Brown (bass + guitar) and Rory O’Connor (drums), Hansen’s musical story bears all the markings of a true artist. Continue Reading ›


Australian Penelope Trappes joined Ohio-born synth programmer Stephen Hindman in New York before relocating to London. Their first album ‘Voluspa’ showed some integral songwriting knowledge, with well-placed singles such as ‘Solid Gold’, ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Hide Me’. The second long player proper ‘Still // Alone’ showed further potential with its undiluted grown up timeless synthscapes and this summer celebrates ten years of the couple’s musical endeavours with ‘Autonomy’. Continue Reading ›

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