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Carry On Synthpop: A Fan Reacts to DEPECHE MODE’s Paris Press Conference

When DEPECHE MODE announced at a much hyped press conference in Paris that they were to release a new album and tour in 2013, many fans watching the live stream were feeling they were missing something…in fact, they were! Neither the name of the album, tour or even the song that was previewed were announced. This rather bizarre episode sent DEPECHE MODE fans into overdrive with one disillusioned but loyal fan making their views plain. Continue Reading ›

Carry On Synthpop: And This is GARY NUMAN…

‘The Mighty Boosh’ was a surreal BBC comedy show focussing on the adventures of two zookeepers at Bob Fossil's Funworld, jazz enthusiast Howard TJ Moon and vain, fashion-obsessed Numanoid Vince Noir. Howard and Vince are tasked with transporting Ivan, a viciously aggressive bear to The Zoo For Animal Offenders. They have a discussion about what to play on the truck’s stereo. Vince’s first choice is GARY NUMAN… Howard however has different ideas and insists on jazz funk!!! Continue Reading ›

Carry On Synthpop: Das Ist Die Ganze Sache

Comedian and proficient musician BILL BAILEY is best known for his rambling post-modern humour and musical parodies. As well as his stand-up and send-up routines, Bailey is also a well known TV personality appearing in shows such as ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’, ‘Have I Got News for You’ and ‘QI’ as well as sitcom ‘Black Books’. During his ‘Part Troll’ tour in 2004, he turned his attentions to German innovators KRAFTWERK for some kestral manoeuvres in the dark. Continue Reading ›

Carry On Synthpop: “You Can’t Sing, You Can’t Play, You Look Awful…”

Picture the scene… a hopeless New Romantic styled pop band consisting of two boys and two girls, all suffering the signs of major hairspray abuse, sit excitedly as they play their not very good demo tape to a passively unimpressed corporate record company executive. The song with its immortal couplet “Alien invasion…what on earth are we gonna do?” rather resembles THE HUMAN LEAGUE meeting GARY NUMAN down at the Crazy Dystopian Disco. The band’s leader suddenly proclaims “This is the best bit…” before a hysterical scream blasts from the ghetto blaster! Continue Reading ›

Carry On Synthpop: LUFTHANSA TERMINAL Nice Video, Shame About The Song!

In a new occasional feature, The Electricity Club celebrates the lighter side of electronic music… The New Romantic movement was always open to ridicule that was nothing to be scared of so in 1982, the ‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’ team happily obliged with relish. Featuring a spoof Romo band LUFTHANSA TERMINAL, the skit is a rather accurate parody of any number of DAVID BOWIE, VISAGE, ULTRAVOX and CLASSIX NOUVEAUX promo videos with the music so prevalent on the dancefloors of The Blitz and The Rum Runner. Continue Reading ›

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