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Documentary Evidence is an unofficial Mute Records website run by freelance music journalist Mat Smith. Smith compiles an end of year Top 10 albums listing and in 2017, he controversially included TAYLOR SWIFT’s ‘Reputation’ at No4 above the No6 placed ‘Spirit’ from DEPECHE MODE. Mat Smith gave an explanation as to why last year, he preferred Taytay over Essex Dave and presented his Documentary Evidence… Continue Reading ›

A Not So Short Conversation with MARK REEDER

Having remixed NEW ORDER, DEPECHE MODE, PET SHOP BOYS and BLANK & JONES, Berlin-based Mancunian MARK REEDER possesses a notable portfolio of work. Taking time out from his busy schedule, MARK REEDER chatted to The Electricity Club about a number of his recent music projects, including an exciting new Chinese band called STOLEN he has produced and whose debut album ‘Fragment’ will be released on his iconic record label MFS Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with JOHAN BAECKSTRÖM

Some might say Johan Baeckström has already found his utopia with his fabulous collection of synthesizers at his studio in Örebro, Sweden. Best known as a member of DAILY PLANET , the duo have three acclaimed albums to their name, the first being ‘The Tide’ issued as far back as 1996. But in 2015, Baeckström began a parallel solo career with the release of his debut long player ‘Like Before’. He kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about the making of his ‘Utopia’. Continue Reading ›


Of all of the bands that emerged post-punk, one of the most intriguing was SHRIEKBACK. Formed in 1980 by ex-XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews, bassist Dave Allen ex-GANG OF FOUR and guitarist Carl Marsh from OUT ON BLUE SIX, they subverted much of the commercial pop music of the time. Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about their early years, the pivotal ‘Oil & Gold’ album and new release ‘Why Anything? Why This?’. Continue Reading ›


Colin Newman is best known as the front man for WIRE, the genre-crossing band that put the po in post-punk. Together with Malka Spigel, Newman sometimes produces material as IMMERSION, an act with strong electronic sensibilities. After a long break, the duo have recently taken up that guise in greater earnest. Colin Newman recently spoke with The Electricity Club about IMMERSION’s activity and WIRE’s plans. They have released a new album 'Sleepless'. Continue Reading ›

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