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ALEX HUSH Interview

Alex Hush is the noted dance producer best known for his work in DAYBREAKERS with Ric Scott and before that, KOISHII & HUSH with Simon Langford. His latest work has been with DAYBREAKERS and an excellent remix of ERASURE’s new single ‘Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)’. The Electricity Club spoke to him about his career to date DAYBREAKERS, KOISHII & HUSH and a whole lot more... Continue Reading ›


Deniz Çiçek and Robert Heitmann formed KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA after months of eyeing each other up at the same nightclubs in Germany. Their bond led them to make melancholic dream pop together. Recorded over two years at their home studio in Hamburg, KRAKÓW LOVES ADANA present 'Darkest Dreams'. Deniz Çiçek spoke to The Electricity Club about an album that explores the human condition’s deepest fantasies and desires. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: MESH Who Watches Over Me?

After three albums on the Swedish independent label Memento Materia, Bristol trio MESH were on the cusp of a wider breakthrough. Released in 2002, 'Who Watches Over Me?' strengthened MESH’s position within European alternative music circles. Richard Silverthorn kindly took time out to reflect on MESH’s brief sojourn with a major record label and his memories of making ‘Who Watches Over Me?’. Continue Reading ›

SARAH P. on Plotting Revolutions

On her 2017 debut album, Greek songstress and mental health advocate SARAH P. asked ‘Who Am I’. But three years on during one of the strangest periods in modern history, SARAH P. is ‘Plotting Revolutions’ on her second long player. SARAH P. spoke to The Electricity Club from her home in Athens about human nature and how her evolving quest for shelter, health, and happiness in life. Continue Reading ›


With a sound seeded from post-punk, goth and new wave, VANDAL MOON are shaped as much by their use of drum machines and synthesizers as much as guitars and the inevitable deep baritone vocals. Comprising of Blake Voss and Jeremy Einsiedler, the Santa Cruz duo opened their account with the self-released 'Dreamless' in 2013. Front man Blake Voss talked to The Electricity Club about the rise of VANDAL MOON. Continue Reading ›

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