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Back in 2014, a Chinese combo named QUIETER THAN SPIDERS caught the ears of The Electricity Club. Fast forward to 2019 and QUIETER THAN SPIDERS have finally released their debut album ‘Signs Of Life’. Their understated but richly melodic and emotive Shanghai synthpop is largely played by the hands of the anonymous family group of Leon, Yi Fan and Yao. Yi Fan from QUIETER THAN SPIDERS kindly chatted about one of the best electronic albums of 2019. Continue Reading ›

NO-MAN Interview

Lauded by Drowned in Sound as “probably the most underrated band of the last 25 years”, NO-MAN have had a career that has stylistically covered pop, art rock and TALK TALK flavoured balladeering. It's a fantastic mix of GOLDFRAPP, KRAFTWERK and ROBERT FRIPP which underpins a wonderful vocal performance from Tim Bowness who took time out to discuss the album with The Electricity Club. Continue Reading ›


Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan are NEW ARCADES, a synth powered duo who also add guitars and cleverly programmed live drum feels into the mix for their widescreen hook infused sound. Releasing music since 2012, after a series of singles and EPs, the pair issue their debut album ‘Returning Home’ via Outland. Adam Sullivan from NEW ARCADES chatted to The Electricity Club about ‘Returning Home’… Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with REIN

In just a few years, REIN has become an icon and secured her position as a musical pioneer. REIN’s self-titled EP was released in 2016. Together with her second EP, 2017’s 'Freedoom', she renewed and breathed life into the Swedish electronic music scene. REIN took a few moments from editing her intense new video to speak with The Electricity Club ahead of her upcoming London Electrowerkz show at TEC 006 on SATURDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 2019. Continue Reading ›

GRETA Interview

German songstress Greta Louise Schenk found wider fame in her adopted home of Copenhagen as a member of IDA RED, but always had an inherent desire to do something on her own. The first GRETA release 'Ardent Spring - Part I' was an impressive collection of six airily melancholic songs that were simultaneously kitsch, cool, weird and filmic. Greta Louise Schenk kindly found some time to talk about seasonal changes, vintage Soviet synths and the understated magnetic allure of GRETA. Continue Reading ›

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