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RUSTY EGAN Interview

The one thing that Rusty Egan is not short of is something to say. Loud and frank, not always subtle and occasionally angry, but always interesting and lively, his anecdotes combine laughter, tears and a vivid eye-witness account of his role as a catalyst in popular culture over the past four decades. The resultant career spanning conversation was far too enthusiastic amusing and informative not to make public, so this is Rusty talking, with only a few edits to stop him from going to jail… Continue Reading ›

PLASMIC Interview

Hailing from Orange County, PLASMIC describes herself as “your abused Barbie doll from childhood”. Detonating infectious lo-fi synth bombs while full of femme rage fuelled by childhood anxiety, a hybrid of CRYSTAL CASTLES, DEVO, MINISTRY and DIVINE forms various parts of her artistic DNA. Her recent appearance at TEC005 showcased her as a feisty live performer. While she was in London, PLASMIC chatted about her music and independently minded ethos. Continue Reading ›


With their vibrant and accessible self-titled debut album, INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP have struck a chord with their brand of intelligent musical escapism. With luscious vintage synth sounds, witty observant lyrics and above all, catchy danceable tunes, just before boarding the tour bus to Europe, Adrian Flanagan chatted to The Electricity Club and outlined the curriculum that INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP would be following… Continue Reading ›

LEBROCK Interview

Hailing from sunny Peterborough, LEBROCK describe themselves as “a retro cinematic experience”. Shaun Phillips and Michael Medows pride themselves on their rockier edge to achieve their take on the synthwave sound. The duo first came to wider attention with their debut independent release ‘Action & Romance’ in 2017. Playing the next Outland live presentation prior to the Easter weekend, The Electricity Club caught up with the duo to talk all things LEBROCK. Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with ANDY BELL

Andy Bell is Torsten again! Introducing the third part of Torsten’s highs and lows, the celebrated ERASURE frontman tackles the task described previously as the biggest challenge of his career. ‘Torsten In Queereteria’ wraps up the triptych. Written as a collaboration between Bell, poet / playwright Barney Ashton-Bullock and the musical genius of Christopher Frost, The Electricity Club has the pleasure to chat to Andy Bell again to discover what the plays brought into his artistic life... Continue Reading ›

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