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Introducing MOLINA

Denmark’s Rebecca Molina confesses that she “draws inspiration from the old 70s synth scene and blends it with its intuitive and quirky pop melodies”.

Taking you to “a dreamy atmospheric production, with a classic pop form, which is dominated by vibrant industrial drums”, the Copenhagen based multi-instrumentalist debuts with her atmospheric EP ‘Corpus’, which presents six tracks of experimental synthpop…More inside ›

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Yellow+Magic+Orchestra+ymoOver the last six years, The Electricity Club has written a large number of features that fall outside of the standard interview or review format.

Articles have included new artist introductions, lost albums, song listings based around a variety of topics, beginner’s guides on highly regarded personalities and TEC’s tongue-in-cheek Carry On Synthpop series. These Transmissions have been archived on a page in reverse chronological order. More inside ›

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Introducing VANBOT

The work of Ester Ideskog, this supreme slice of glacial elegance was written while Ideskog was travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway.

It was part of an adventurous 17 day journey from Moscow to Beijing with her collaborators Berglund and Petter Winnberg to compose a new full-length work. More inside ›

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disqo-volanteDISQO VOLANTE is Korean-American multi-instrumentalist Matthew Booth, a sax virtuoso with a penchant for synthpop. Originally from Seoul but now based in Carrboro, North Carolina, the hybrid of his musical and cultural heritage has produced a familiar yet unusual sound with a modern aesthetic.

Inspired by his return to South East Asia since leaving as a child following his adoption,

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Introducing JØTA

JØTA Photo by Vasil DzhagalovSpace travel and synths were just made to go together. JØTA is the cosmic solo project of Peter J D Mason, instrumentalist with feisty synth duo BECKY BECKY.

Inspired by the Soviet Space Programme of the Cold War era, his forthcoming album ‘КОСМОС НАШ’ soundtracks the exploits of Laika The Space Dog,

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