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Introducing LAU NAU

LAU NAU is Laura Naukkarinen, one of the most respected and compelling artists in Finland.

Although already a veteran of six studio albums as LAU NAU, she is comparatively little known in the UK, but she has earned an international reputation for her work in film.

Using both electronic and acoustic mediums, taking in analogue synthesizers, traditional instruments, found objects, field recordings, musique concrète and her voice, her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision, ideal for arthouse cinema.

LAU NAU’s most recent release is the soundtrack for the documentary film ‘Land Without God’ where her idiosyncratic, finely honed sound world builds on fragile, spectral otherness.

A frequent visitor to the EMS studios in Stockholm, a special abridged performance of her twenty minute cosmic ambient piece ‘Amphipoda’ on a Buchla 200 was filmed by Andy Allen-Olivar and Johan Richter Olsson.

In a very special event hosted by Cold War Night Life, LAU NAU will be coming to London on Saturday 1st February 2020 to perform material from the ‘Land Without God’ soundtrack, as well as other songs from her extensive and impressive catalogue at The Cecil Sharpe House.

While she will not have a Buchla 200 with her, Naukkarinen will be bringing a self-assembled suitcase modular system of her own, which glows like the one carried by Thingumy and Bob in Tove Jansson’s ‘Moomin’ comics. What is inside is as valuable as the Groke’s ruby: a tangle of wires patching circuits to generate currents that carry her vocals through the crowd like mist from the sea.

Her music has fluidity and tension that reflects the waves of the Baltic which is firmly impressed with the Nordic experience.

While inland, this aural backdrop will be ideal for what is likely to be a cold winter’s evening in Primrose Hill, a compact, village-like area of grand Victorian terraces and pastel-coloured Regency townhouses.

Special guests are VILE ELECTRODES, who will present a stripped-down modular set to explore the creative potential of the instrument.

‘Land Without God’ is released by Fonal Records, available via the usual digital platforms

LAU NAU plays The Cecil Sharpe House, 2 Regent’s Park Rd, Primrose Hill, London NW1 7AY on Saturday 1st February 2020, the event hosted by Cold War Night Life will open with a modular set by VILE ELECTRODES – tickets available from

Facebook event page at

Text by Simon Helm
Photos by Simon Helm and Katri Naukkarinen
8th January 2020

Introducing GEISTE

Now if JRR Tolkien had manufactured a pop star, he’d have probably have come up with avant pop songstress GEISTE.

GEISTE is the musical vehicle of Marie Chabrelie, a young singer / songwriter / producer from near St Tropez who began as an acoustic act with a trip-hop past before she found that her fantasy storytelling could enter a more intriguing sonic universe using electronics.

The environmentally conscious battlecry of ‘Ocean’ has been her opening statement.

Outlining her widescreen synthy cinematics and impressive vocals capturing the angsty emotion of ZOLA JESUS, the picturesque visual presentation for ‘Ocean’ directed by Jean Dakar magnificently illustrates ‘Ocean’, with GEISTE’s animated movements in light and shade.

Framed in forlorn melancholy, songs like ‘I Just Feel Really Empty Inside All The Time’, ‘She Wants ME Dead’, ‘Solitary Rides’, ‘Omen’ and ‘I Can’t Wait Until You Burn Me Down’ all suggest that GEISTE inhabits a very heavy ghostly world, but there is melody amongst the inherent darkness.

However on ‘Twig’, GEISTE demonstrates that she knows her way around a good dance pop tune, while the jazzier vibes of ‘On My Mind’ with AR FERDINAND shows a willingness to occasionally collaborate and depart from her fantasia.

The most recent GEISTE single ‘Anthems’ is swathed in a building percussive drama recalling the rhythmic fervour of NIKI & THE DOVE, but the upcoming release ‘Utopia’ tests out her vocal range over a collage of rumbling bass, virtual choir, synthetic orchestrations and tribal rattles.

Haunting, captivating and endearing, GEISTE takes you into her moody escapist musical world. Promising further surprises, her triumphant opening spot at London’s 100 Club for EMIKA and FIFI RONG was merely a taster.

‘Anthems’ and ‘Ocean’ are available as digital singles via the usual online platforms

Text by Chi Ming Lai
30th December 2019

Introducing GEORGIA

She’s the artist everyone is talking about…

GEORGIA is Georgia Barnes, daughter of LEFTFIELD’s Neil Barnes and the former drummer for Kate Tempest.

But she recently made her impression with a stand-out performance of ‘Never Let You Go’ playing Simmons Drums alongside an Oberheim OB6 on ‘Later With Jools Holland’.

The live presentation certainly showcased her unique selling point, in a manner not dissimilar to LITTLE BOOTS in 2008.

‘Never Let You Go’ itself sounds like grittier CHVRCHES remixed by SOULWAX, in particular the Belgian brothers take on MUSE’s ‘Muscle Museum’. An appealing electropop number, it touches many bases including synthwave such as DANA JEAN PHOENIX and RIDER, although with a much more English slant.

‘Never Let You Go’ is from GEORGIA’s upcoming second album ‘Seeking Thrills’. One track which has already been premiered is the gloriously throbbing workout of ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ which takes its lead from ROBYN with its rousing Scandipop sheen.

These two tracks are a far cry from her self-titled debut album from 2015 which possessed a more urban DIY austere. It’s been an interesting development into more accessible pop territory, but she hasn’t left her roots completely.

A previous single ‘Started Out’, which is to be included on ‘Seeking Thrills’, takes on a much more groovier vibe with soulful influences going over the electronics, while there’s also the quirky R ‘n’ B pop of ‘Feel It’ and the dead pan hip-hop of ‘Mellow’ with rapper SHYGIRL.

Great things are anticipated for GEORGIA with her signing to Domino Records, home of FRANZ FERDINAND, ARCTIC MONKEYS and AUSTRA. Having opened for METRONOMY and sold out her November show at the prestigious Scala in London, a major European and UK club tour has been announced for 2020.

‘Never Let You Go’ is released as a digital single by Domino Records, the album ‘Seeking Thrills’ is out on 11th January 2020

GEORGIA 2020 UK + Ireland live dates include:

Glasgow King Tuts (4th March), Liverpool Phase 1 (6th March), Dublin Sound House (7th March), Leeds Brudenell Community Room (9th March), Birmingham Mama Roux’s (10th March), Bristol Thekla (11th March), London Heaven (12th March)

Text by Chi Ming Lai
21st October 2019

Introducing SUI ZHEN

With her performance art ethos, Melbourne-based SUI ZHEN offers surreal observations on the intersections between human life and technology.

With echoes of Los Angeles songstress SINOSA, ‘Perfect Place’ is a delightfully odd but accessible trailer to SUI ZHEN’s brand new long playing offering ‘Losing, Linda’, the genesis of which began during an artistic residency in Japan and completed in Australia under the trauma of her mother’s ill health and eventual passing.

This life changing experience has undoubtedly influenced the self-directed visual presentation for ‘Perfect Place’.

It introduces Linda, a digital doppelgänger and avatar. Not an easy watch, with the ghostly apparition representing the fragments of self and avatars left behind after one dies in the physical realm, the question being asked is “do our digital selves ever fully disappear?”

Playfully wispy, ‘Perfect Place’ itself is a wonderful slice of pentatonic avant pop, with eerie spoken passages and bursts of delightful melodica offset by hypnotic arpeggios and danceable rhythms.

‘Losing, Linda’ follows up 2015‘s ‘Secretly Susan’, a breakthrough recording which featured the quirky single ‘Take It All Back’, a minimal bass synth driven number laced with very high voices like GRIMES meeting LET’S EAT GRANDMA and the innocence of ‘Dear Teri’ which revealed much jazzier overtones.

Zhen promises a mix of Japanese City Pop, Sade, Tracey Thorn, Laurie Anderson and Suzanne Ciani for her new album.

‘Perfect Place’ is from the album ‘Losing, Linda’ which will be released by Cascine in North America and Dot Dash in Australia / New Zealand on 27th September 2019

Text by Chi Ming Lai
14th July 2019

Introducing GRETA

Greta Louise Schenk is a Copenhagen domiciled German who first found wider attention in the atmospheric trio WHO IS LOUIS and the girl group IDA RED who she is still currently a member of.

The classically trained composer and songwriter is soon to unleash her debut solo EP, co-produced by the Berlin based Norwegian FARAO who released the critically acclaimed ‘Pure-O’ album in 2018.

Making effective use of a Roland Juno 60, Yamaha CS15, Korg Delta and Omnichord, perhaps unsurprisingly, the gorgeous new single called ’Spin’ does have the wispy air of her co-producer’s own work while the magnetic allure of YELLO collaborator Fifi Rong also looms.

“I had been following FARAO and had listened to her music for a few years thinking that she would understand my music and probably be able to add a little edge” remembered Schenk, “We worked together for the first time in her studio in Berlin September 2017. We are both really into shimmering harps, vintage synthesizers and 80s disco. We are always very inspired and productive when we work together”.

The animated video for ‘Spin’ created by Marie Boye Thomsen and William Reynish cerebrally offers a portrayal of the existential crisis within the human condition. GRETA’s songs aim to echo her thoughts on life and inner contradictions with light and darkness in equal measures. Kitsch, cool, weird and dreamy, it could all get very interesting…

An earlier synthbass driven single ‘Bad Lovers’ took things more uptempo, while the filmic ‘Ardent Spring’ pointed towards the crystalline soundscapes of IONNALEE, although with a looser rhythmic backbone.

This music is indeed far cry from the Scandipop R ‘n’ B of ‘Talk’, ‘Wildflower’ and ‘Oh Girl’ which saw IDA RED gain traction on national radio in Denmark.

’Spin’ is released as a digital single on 5th July 2019 by Celebration Records, available direct from

Text by Chi Ming Lai
3rd July 2019

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