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Yellow+Magic+Orchestra+ymoOver the last six years, The Electricity Club has written a large number of features that fall outside of the standard interview or review format.

Articles have included new artist introductions, lost albums, song listings based around a variety of topics, beginner’s guides on highly regarded personalities and TEC’s tongue-in-cheek Carry On Synthpop series. These Transmissions have been archived on a page in reverse chronological order. More inside ›

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Lost Albums: SPLEEN UNITED School of Euphoria

SPLEEN UNITED school_of_euphoriaDenmark’s SPLEEN UNITED somehow never quite managed to break through the glass ceiling of widespread electronic music popularity – being blessed with the kind of misrepresentative band name which conjured images of a third division UK punk band arguably didn’t help their cause either.

‘School of Euphoria’ was the follow up to 2011’s ‘Neanderthal’,

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Lost Albums: KARL BARTOS Communication

KARL BARTOS CommunicationIt seems strange now, but when ‘Communication’ was released in 2003, it was KARL BARTOS’ return to electronica, following the ill-fated guitar driven excursion ‘Electric Music’ of 1998.

But just as ‘Communication’ hit the shelves, an elephant entered the room in the shape of his former band KRAFTWERK;

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Lost Albums: MINERVE Please

MINERVE PleaseAs far as Germany’s leading electropop bands go, MINERVE had implanted themselves quite quickly into the scene, after forming in 2002. Compromised of Mathias Thürk and Daniel Wollatz, demanding studio sessions gave birth to their first long player entitled ‘Breathing Avenue’.

‘Please’, which was released in 2010,

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Lost Albums: SANDRA Into A Secret Land

SANDRA Into A Secret LandThe million dollar question is: whose female vocal was featured on a single, which topped the UK charts in 1991? Meet SANDRA, one of the voices of ENIGMA. She started off as the voice of female disco trio ARABESQUE.

Her solo career started taking shape with the massive Euro hit single ‘(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena’.

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