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SOFTWAVE To Open For OMD on 2020 Scandinavian Dates

Fresh from the acclaim for their debut album ‘Game On’ released this year, Danish synthpop couple SOFTWAVE will be opening for OMD on the Scandinavian leg of their 2020 ‘Souvenir’ tour.

Catrine Christensen and Jerry Olsen first met Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys on a cruise ship which OMD were playing and contacts were exchanged.

Catrine Christensen told The Electricity Club: “An email popped in my inbox; ‘The band have agreed’, I couldn’t believe it and showed it to Jerry before I really took it in. We both danced on the floor of happiness! This was the biggest thing ever!”

SOFTWAVE join an elite list of acts which includes VILLA NAH, MIRRORS, METROLAND, VILE ELECTRODES and TINY MAGNETIC PETS who have been championed by The Electricity Club and later secured the coveted support slot for OMD.

Since their debut EP ‘Together Alone’ in 2016, SOFTWAVE have been gaining notable endorsements from one-time members of THE HUMAN LEAGUE Jo Callis and Ian Burden, as well as former Numan sideman Chris Payne. So for the duo and their upward trajectory, it has certainly been ‘Game On’.

In November, SOFTWAVE performed live with a special designed lasershow to their biggest audience so far of more than 600 people at the Bremen Teater in central Copenhagen, with a live clip recently hitting the net sphere of the song ‘Something Is Missing’.

Buzzingly sub-ERASURE, it is an alluringly catchy and assured synthpop statement which Christensen revealed was inspired by her dog Nero: “The life before my dad got ill, I was spoiled. Apart from games, movies and toys, I always wanted a dog so badly, so he gave one to me. After 15 years with a lovely time with my dog Nero, he passed away. Therefore I named the song ‘Something Is Missing’.”

But she added: “it was important for other people without a dog-relationship to relate to it as well. Basically this song is dedicated to everybody who lost something or someone valuable in their lives.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Something Is Missing – Longdrink Reloaded’ extended version is now exclusively available on the label ZYX Music compilation ‘New Generation 15’ while a remix compilation ‘Game On 1Up’ is now available as a downaload via Bandcamp.

‘Game On’ and ‘Game On 1Up’ are released as download albums, available direct from

SOFTWAVE open for OMD on the Scandinavian leg of their 2020 ‘Souvenir’ 40 Years – Greatest Hits tour at the following dates:

Oslo Rockefeller Musichall (7th February), Stockholm Berns (9th February), Malmo KB (10th February), Copenhagen Store Vega (12th February)

Text by Chi Ming Lai
20th December 2019

REIN to Headline TEC006 at London Electrowerkz on Saturday 30th November 2019

REIN, the Queen of EBM arrives in London for her first UK show this November! Be prepared to dance!

In association with Cold War Night Life, TEC006 will feature the young game-changing Swede with her two female percussionists to present a powerful set of hard hitting, adrenaline pumping EBM with a pop twist.

A true Rebel Girl as suggested by one of the highlights from her self-titled debut 2016 EP, Joanna Reinikainen has moved the dial from aggressive shouty guys to tough girls; so this is girl power for real.

2018’s ‘Freedoom’ EP explored social-political themes with a broader modern electro-punk sound with tracks like ‘C.A.P.I.T.A.L.I.S.M’ and ‘(You Call It) Democracy’, while her first full-length album is currently in the works.

Released at the start of the year, the most recent REIN single was a mighty industrialised cover of Leila K’s 1995 hit ‘Electric’, an already feisty song penned by Swedish production maestros Denniz PoP and Max Martin with its cheeky lift from Shannon’s ‘Give Me Tonight’.

Feisty, ambitious and not to be messed with, REIN has certainly caused a stir with Europe’s male dominated EBM scene. Even within the inherent shouty nature of the genre and Joanna Reinikainen’s debut song ‘Can’t Handle Me’ effectively being a mission statement, things were ramped up to eleven on ‘I Don’t Get Anything But Sh*t From You’.

Discovering electronica after seeing KRAFTWERK at the age of thirteen, the harsher stomp of NITZER EBB has also been a key influence on REIN. Indeed, she is highly regarded by a number of iconic acts including DAF who she opened for at BodyFest in 2016 and self-confessed fans COVENANT.

As well as REIN headlining, TEC006 will also feature up-and-coming Leeds based synth songstress IMI opening proceedings at Electrowerkz.

Blessed with a glorious soprano in the vein of Alison Goldfrapp and Tara Busch, she released debut EP’ Lines’ this year.

Renowned one-time Numan sideman Chris Payne said “Very impressive. She has an amazing voice and very nice synths to surround it.” and DUBSTAR’s  Sarah Blackwood added “Wonderful, I wish I could get that high. IMI’s synths are exciting”.

Meanwhile, sandwiched between REIN and IMI at TEC006 will be the electonic duo KOMPUTER who make their live return  after an absence of several years.

Best known for the track ‘Valentina’, the pairing of David Baker and Simon Leonard released acclaimed three albums ‘The World Of Tomorrow’, ‘Market Led’ and ‘Synthetik’ on Mute Records between 1997-2007. Material in their previous guises I START COUNTING and FORTAN 5 will also be performed.

Doors open at 1930 and the running order (subject to change) is:

2015: IMI
2200: REIN

Additional music will be provided by Sweden’s DJ Memorabilia and there will be free entry to the Slimelight club for attendees from 2300.

REIN plays TEC006 with KOMPUTER + IMI at London Electrowerkz on SATURDAY 30TH NOVEMBER 2019 – tickets available now direct from

Please note that Electrowerkz requires mandatory photo ID for its events so NO ID, NO ENTRY – the organisers cannot take responsibility if entry is refused

TEC006 Facebook event page at

Text by Chi Ming Lai and Simon Helm
4th September 2019, updated 27th November 2019


Happy Robots Records and The Electricity Club are pleased to announce that ARTHUR & MARTHA will reunite for a one-off performance at TEC005 on SATURDAY 2ND MARCH at The Islington in London. Also joining the bill will be PLASMIC from Orange County California and RAINLAND from Glasgow.

ARTHUR & MARTHA’s blend of electronica was branded ‘cutie krautrock’ or ‘tweetronica’ – they used using toy and playground electronic gizmos, battered old synth and cheapo drum machines to create gentle, tinny yet poignant pulsebeats that propel their achingly pretty, minor-chord melodies. Imagine, if you will, SAINT ETIENNE in space or KRAFTWERK playing THE FIELD MICE at a freshers’ disco.

ARTHUR & MARTHA were Alice Hubley and Adam Cresswell; the lo-fi electro duo released their only album ‘Navigation’ in 2009 to critical acclaim with favourable reviews from The Word, The Guardian, Artrocker and NME. The synthetic motorik of ‘Autovia’ was one of its highlights while the LADYTRON go Krautrock of ‘Squarewave To Heaven’ and the delightfully mournful NEW ORDER tribute ‘Turn to Dust’ captured their peculiarly English essence.

Described as “Gilbert & George, disguised as The Carpenters…”, the pair quietly parted ways for a few years after the release of ‘Navigation’ but in 2015, Cresswell made a surprise return to music as RODNEY CROMWELL with the superb ‘Age Of Anxiety’ while 2019 will see Hubley release her first solo record as ALICE HUBBLE. Their reunion as ARTHUR & MARTHA will see a special live presentation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Navigation’.

Supporting the bill will be PLASMIC, described as “your abused Barbie doll from childhood”. Combining J-Pop with CRYSTAL CASTLES and DEVO, Lauren Lusardi is the precocious talent behind PLASMIC. She studied electronic music at a local community college where she developed her knack of detonating infectious lo-fi synth bombs.

The undoubted standout from PLASMIC’s ‘Validation Nation’ EP was ‘Baby Machine’, an immensely catchy feminist electropop anthem utilising a mixture of vintage Casio and Yamaha sounds that challenges the expectations of women to bear children. Her most recent single release was a delightful cover version of ‘Female Trouble’ to celebrate the birthday of the late actor and HI-NRG diva DIVINE. Meanwhile on the other side of the coin, she has also covered ‘Every Day Is Halloween’ by MINISTRY!

Opening TEC005 will be Weegie synthpop duo RAINLAND. Although they have so far only one EP ‘Touch’ to their name, Ian Ferguson and Derek MacDonald are experienced hands having been the musical lynchpins of their previous band ANALOG ANGEL, best known for songs such as ‘We Won’t Walk Away’ and ‘Drive’.

Now free of the industrial shackles that occasionally held them back, their self-titled number ‘Rainland’ was a stomping synthpop statement in the vein of ULTRAVOX with Ferguson’s vocal stylings not dissimilar to a certain Midge Ure while ‘Touch’ with its digital slapped bass and HI-NRG flavour is a nod to BRONSKI BEAT. Having accompanied ASSEMBLAGE 23 on two UK tours, their rousing stage manner make them perfect as cheerleaders to begin any live presentation.

With ‘Autovia’ by ARTHUR & MARTHA, ‘Black Bog’ by RODNEY CROMWELL and ‘We Won’t Walk Away’ by ANALOG ANGEL all featuring on ‘The Electricity Club’ 2CD compilation released by Amour Records / Minos EMI / Universal Music, TEC005 will also act as a launch party for its release. Simon Helm of Cold War Night Life will DJ between each live set.

ARTHUR & MARTHA, PLASMIC + RAINLAND play TEC005 on SATURDAY 2ND MARCH 2019 at The Islington, 1 Tolpuddle Street, London N1 0XT – tickets are available now from

Facebook event page at

Text by Chi Ming Lai with thanks to Adam Cresswell
10th December 2018


Amour Records / Minos EMI / Universal Music in collaboration with Undo Records are to release a 2CD compilation compiled by The Electricity Club.

Capturing its ethos to feature the best in new and classic electronic pop music, this compilation is the culmination of a period which has seen the resurgence of the genre.

Over the years, The Electricity Club appears to have reflected the interests of people who love the Synth Britannia era and have a desire to hear new music seeded from that ilk.

Little did The Electricity Club know when it launched on 15th March 2010, it would go on to interview many of the key players in Synth Britannia, get granted an audience with two former members of KRAFTWERK and be influential in helping some of the best new synthesizer talents gain a profile within a reinvigorated scene. So it is highly apt that WOLFGANG FLÜR should make an appearance on this collection.

The Electricity Club is pleased to showcase its ethos in the form of this tangible audio artefact. Among the impressive cast, there are prime movers from the classic era like PAUL HUMPHREYS and VINCE CLARKE. Without the influence of the bands they respectively co-founded, OMD and DEPECHE MODE, electronic pop as The Electricity Club likes it would not exist.

Meanwhile the next generation are represented by acts such as KID MOXIE, NIGHT CLUB, RODNEY CROMWELL and VILE ELECTRODES. Incidentally, the latter were invited to support OMD on their 2013 German tour following ANDY McCLUSKEY’s discovery of the duo while perusing The Electricity Club’s virtual pages. The bloodline from ‘Radio-Activity’ to ‘Romance Of The Telescope’ and then to ‘Deep Red’ is easily traceable and deeply omnipresent.

The Electricity Club has always relished its diverse taste credentials. It doesn’t do retro or contemporary, just good music. No other compendium could dare to include the spiky post-punk of GIRL ONE & THE GREASE GUNS and the rousing electro-rock of MESH alongside pop princesses such as QUEEN OF HEARTS or KATY PERRY. Be it Glasgow’s ANALOG ANGEL and MARNIE, Manchester veterans SECTION 25 or Essex boys TENEK, it all fits into The Electricity Club’s avant pop playground.

With international representation also from Gothenburg’s DAYBEHAVIOR and 047, Shanghai synthpoppers QUIETER THAN SPIDERS, Texan dance duo ELEVEN: ELEVEN, Belgium’s own passengers METROLAND and the self-explanatory KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS, the tracks gathered capture a special moment in time where innovative musical aspirations and good tunes have again manifested themselves in the same context.

The collection features a number of covers including MESH’s take on YAZOO’s ‘Tuesday’ and MARSHEAUX’s reinterpretation of TEARS FOR FEARS’ first single ‘Suffer The Children’. In addition, tracks such as MARSHEAUX’s stomping remix of KATY PERRY’s ‘Hot ‘N’ Cold’ and MIRRORS’ ‘Between Four Walls’ make their premiere in CD format.

The tracklisting is:


01 MAISON VAGUE Synthpop’s Alive
02 KID KASIO Full Moon Blue
04 DAYBEHAVIOR It’s A Game (Marsheaux remix)
05 MARNIE The Hunter
06 ELEVEN:ELEVEN Through The Veil
07 NIGHT CLUB Cruel Devotion
09 KATY PERRY Hot ‘N’ Cold (Marsheaux remix)
10 ERASURE Be The One (Paul Humphreys remix)
11 KID MOXIE The Bailor
13 FOTONOVELA featuring JAMES NEW Our Sorrow (Original mix)
16 METROLAND Thalys (London Edit)


01 SIN COS TAN Trust
02 POLLY SCATTERGOOD Other Too Endless (Vince Clarke remix)
03 TENEK What Do You Want? (Alternate TEC version)
04 ANALOG ANGEL We Won’t Walk Away
05 ARTHUR & MARTHA Autovia
06 MARSHEAUX Suffer The Children
07 SECTION 25 My Outrage
08 047 featuring LISA PEDERSEN Everything’s Fine
09 TAXX Is It Love?
10 LIEBE I Believe In You
12 iEUROPEAN featuring WOLFGANG FLÜR Activity Of Sound
14 MESH Tuesday
15 MIRRORS Between Four Walls
16 OMD Time Burns (Fotonovela rework)

‘The Electricity Club’ is released by Amour Records / Minos EMI / Universal Music in collaboration with Undo Records as a 34 track 2CD set in a deluxe 6 panel digipak with track-by-track commentary and ‘O’ card; the compilation be purchased from the following retailers:


North America

Please note this product is NOT on sale through The Electricity Club website and only via retailers

Text by Chi Ming Lai
12th November 2018, updated 16th January 2020


TEC004 - thumb May 2016The Electricity Club and The Touring Principle are pleased to announce that MARSHEAUX will be headlining TEC004 on SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER at Norwich Epic Studios.

It will be MARSHEAUX’s first UK live appearance since 2012, when the girls played TEC002 in London alongside The Blitz Club legend Rusty Egan. Also appearing will be KID KASIO and RODNEY CROMWELL.

MARSHEAUX-322-detailAthens based synth maidens MARSHEAUX, who are best known for exquisite synthpop numbers such as ‘Hanging On’, Dream Of A Disco’, ‘Radial Emotion’, ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘Come On Now’, covered the entire of DEPECHE MODE’s ‘A Broken Frame’ in 2015 as an album release on Undo Records. Their new album ‘Ath.Lon’ reveals a new subtle, aggressive side to MARSHEAUX. The duo’s celebrity fans include Jared Leto, Andy McCluskey, Tom Robinson and Mark Reeder.

KID KASIO Shot Blue-thumbKID KASIO is the project of Nathan Cooper. Formally of THE MODERN, his unashamedly synthpoppy tunes have gained a cult following over the past few years. He said “Whether I release it in 2013 or 2016, it’s still going to sound like 1985!” – now imagine if DEPECHE MODE was fronted by Nik Kershaw instead of Dave Gahan? With his song ‘Full Moon Blue’, that musical fantasy became fully realised. Melodic and lively, his most recent album was the excellent ‘Sit & Wait’.

RODNEY CROMWELL-BW‘Age Of Anxiety’ by RODNEY CROMWELL was an unexpected favourite of both critics and independent radio outlets in 2015. The musical project of Adam Cresswell, this concept album of sorts chronicled his problems with depression and anxiety. The honesty apparent in his dissonant vocal styling echoed the spectre of acts such as SECTION 25 and NEW ORDER, with songs like ‘Black Dog’, ‘Fax Message Break Up’ and ‘You Will Struggle’ embodying the album perfectly.

Epic Studios in Norwich is based at the former Anglia TV studios and was the location of “the quiz of the week”, ‘Sale Of The Century’ presented by Nicholas Parsons. In the last few years, the venue has played host to a number of key acts including WOLFGANG FLÜR, MIDGE URE, HOWARD JONES and THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP.

TEC004 Flyer - May 2016TEC004 featuring MARSHEAUX, KID KASIO + RODNEY CROMWELL takes place on SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER 2016 at Epic Studios, 114 Magdalen Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1JD

Doors open for the show at 6.45pm with the first band on stage at 7.30pm

There will be a free memorabilia display at the venue between 3.00pm – 5.00pm exploring the pioneering era of Synth Britannia, featuring acts such as DEPECHE MODE and GARY NUMAN

Tickets are £16 in advance, £20 at the door – available from the box office on 01603 727727 or online at

Text by Chi Ming Lai
TEC004 Artwork by Mark Walker @ MNW Visual Communications
12th April 2016, updated 9th May 2016

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