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NIGHT CLUB Candy Coated Suicide

The Electricity Club once described NIGHT CLUB as sounding like “Britney fronting NINE INCH NAILS”. Now re-quoted by some other media outlets, that description appears to have stuck. ‘Alice In Wonderland’ author Lewis Carroll had a disorder which caused him to have hallucinations about shrinking and chatting to anxious leporids, but what would he have made of this video to ‘Candy Coated Suicide’? NIGHT CLUB will also be headlining two August shows in Sheffield and London. Continue Reading ›


Ian Burden is best known for his tenure in THE HUMAN LEAGUE between 1981 and 1987, contributing songwriting to some of the band's most iconic songs including the singles ‘The Sound of The Crowd’,  ‘Love Action’ and 'Mirror Man'. His releases since then have been sporadic to say the least. ‘Hey Hey Ho Hum’ sees Ian Burden adventurously tackling every single musical element himself; from synths, guitar, bass and drum programming through to lead vocals. Continue Reading ›


Neil Arthur and Jez Bernholz are NEAR FUTURE, a project featuring the BLANCMANGE front man and the Brighton based artist who also co-founded the Anti Ghost Moon Ray art collective that spawned GAZELLE TWIN. Their debut album 'Ideal Home' has been several years in the making, constructed through the modern medium of remote collaboration, although the pair have shared a stage on numerous occasions, notably on BLANCMANGE’s Semi Detached’ tour. Continue Reading ›


FIFI RONG has continued gathering interest thanks to her fresh musical approach, quirky instrumentalism and angelic voice. And her latest EP 'Awake', which was aired right after her successful appearances with Swiss masters YELLO during their recent European tour, proves that the artist continues to explore various audio visual paths. From the ‘Awake’ EP, ‘Attack’ comes packaged with an animated video of a computer game of Nicktendo Continue Reading ›

BRIAN ENO Music For Installations

'Music For Installations' is a multi-album collection of new, rare and previously unreleased tracks from BRIAN ENO, recorded since 1986 for use in his art installations experimenting with light and video. Spread out over 6 CDs or 9 vinyl albums if you prefer the lengthy mood (which is essential in effective ambient music) to be broken by having to flip the record, the various works on ‘Music For Installations’ are for the most part equal to Eno’s best ambient opuses. Continue Reading ›

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