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Downtown LA houses an electronic project by the expat Brit Dylan Willoughby called LOST IN STARS. Occasionally joined by Darren Burgos, Alysa Lobo, Jon McCormick and Elena Charbila aka KID MOXIE, LOST IN STARS provides sophisticated amalgams of synth, often augmented with more radical offerings in the form of dubstep and rave. Dylan Willoughby is back with another album, ‘Fabula’. Continue Reading ›


Mister Webb, there is no way out… GARY NUMAN has had a rather busy few years, what with the successful releases of the highly personal 'Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)', as well as it’s not so identical twin 'Savage (Songs from A Broken World)', becoming his twentieth opus Having portrayed the terrifying dystopian future on ‘Savage’, the world’s first synth pop star, is carrying on the forward momentum into 2018 with this Autumn seeing in the fresh EP entitled 'The Fallen'. Continue Reading ›


FAKE TEAK were actually first name checked on The Electricity Club by VILE ELECTRODES back in 2011. With diverse influences such as Krautrock, Afrobeat, funk, rock and electronica, the band has since evolved and it would be fair to say they have a unusual hybrid sound that falls neither into exclusively synth or alternative music circles. After a long gestation period, the London-based quartet finally get to release their self-titled debut long player. Continue Reading ›

PETER HEPPNER Confessions & Doubts

PETER HEPPNER requires no introduction; his voice is recognisable worldwide, even to those who didn’t know or remember WOLFSHEIM. It was and still is WOLFSHEIM that brings the notion of melancholic nostalgia to minds. After a few successful albums and having established die-hard fans, Heppner left the coop and went solo. 'Confessions & Doubts' and its 'TanzZwang' companion collection eases the burden of the long wait. Continue Reading ›

SARAH P. Mneme

SARAH P. has been described as “an electropop goddess” and the video to her new single ‘Mneme’ more than reinforces that very image. Starring the Berlin-based songstress as Mneme, the visual accompaniment also features dancer Clio ‘Lil Cli’ Arvaniti as Aoide and actress Dora Pantazopoulou as Melete; the key themes explored are playfulness and sisterhood in commemoration of more carefree times, all under the glorious Athenian sun. Continue Reading ›

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