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Deeply rooted in Celtic folklore with Wiccan beliefs, the highly spirited music of WITCH OF THE VALE is like nothing else within the world of electronica today. WITCH OF THE VALE’s debut last year with ‘The Way This Will End’ EP gathered enough appreciation and enthusiasm for the pair to continue their Pagan musical experimentation and this winter sees the release of the second EP ‘Trust The Pain’. Erin and Ryan Hawthorne are definitely revealing more and more of their magical world. Continue Reading ›


LIZETTE LIZETTE is Lizette Nordahl, a gender neutral Swedish / Peruvian producer and performance artist whose first mini-album ‘Queerbody’ was released in January 2017. Its co-producers were Nicklas Stenemo and Christian Berg, better known as KITE. ‘Queerbody’ signalled LIZETTE LIZETTE’s entry into more synthy climes. Like KITE, ‘Non’ follows the mini-album format and features writing contributions from Stenemo and Berg, although the production is by Gabriel Wagnberg. Continue Reading ›


Never shying away from political matters, the British synthpop duo PET SHOP BOYS like to say it as it is, often with a sarcastic twist. Having enjoyed years of successful record making and musically surviving many of their contemporaries, with ever a fresh approach, Tennant and Lowe are back with a tongue-in-cheek EP ‘Agenda’. It’s 2019, so what’s on the agenda? Of course, Tennant and Lowe always aimed high with well observed poignant statements. Continue Reading ›


As it’s been seven years since the group’s last offering of ‘Gravity The Seducer’, which presented atmospheric textures and sedate longing melodies, it was difficult to “predict the day” of LADYTRON’s comeback, but not creating another album “was never a possibility” according to Danny Hunt Now comes the long awaited ‘Ladytron’; suggesting quintessential LADYTRON as per the eponymous title, the long player was introduced by ‘The Animals’. Continue Reading ›

ULTRAMARINE Signals Into Space

Essex duo ULTRAMARINE are probably best known for their 1991 album ‘Every Man & Woman is a Star’. Arguably Paul Hammond and Ian Cooper pioneered the Folktronica genre. After a fourteen year hiatus, the duo returned with a pair of singles in 2011 and this has led to ULTRAMARINE’s ‘Signals into Space’, their first full length album since 2013’s ‘This Time Last Year’. This time around there are collaborations with vocalist Anna Domino who contributes to four tracks. Continue Reading ›

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