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The artists behind the LA based project LOST IN STARS like to sideline with the slightly less ubiquitous FUTURE FIRE. London boy Dylan Willoughby and his collaborator Darren Burgos are often joined in LOST IN STARS by the fabulous Elena Charbila aka KID MOXIE, as well as Alysa Lobo and Jon McCormick. The collaboration with Burgos brings us another EP, ‘Unfollow’. FUTURE FIRE certainly write supremely good electronic music and the fragility of Willoughby is also his strength… Continue Reading ›

ELECTRICAL LANGUAGE Independent British Synth Pop 78-84

From Cherry Red Records, the makers of the ‘Close To The Noise Floor’ trilogy showcasing formative and experimental electronic music from the UK, Europe and North America, comes their most accessible electronic collection yet. Subtitled ‘Independent British Synth Pop 78-84’, ‘Electrical Language’ is a boxed set covering the post-punk period when all that synthesizer experimentation and noise terrorism morphed into pop. This was pop in a very loose manner with melodies, riffs and danceable rhythms. Largely eschewing the guitar and the drum kit, this was a fresh movement which sprung from a generation haunted by the spectre of the Cold War, Mutually Assured Destruction and the Winter of Discontent. Continue Reading ›


London-based synth combo THE DEPARTMENT have a penchant for classic electro and new wave. Led by Rob Green, he is backed ‘Some Bizzare Album’ veteran Cliff Chapman and Magnus Lindstrom, a member of MR JONES MACHINE who feature Jarmo Ollila from DAILY PLANET among their number while live, there is the brand new addition of Pete Dolan. The first long form release since 2015’s ‘Alpha’, their only album to date, the ‘Pressure’ EP is not exactly a cheerful affair. Continue Reading ›

ZAMILSKA Uncovered

The concept of “Teraz Polska” (Poland Now) has been popularised in the Slavic land on both sides of the Vistula River for years. But could it be that it truly is the time for the Poles to conquer the world of electronica? Polska has found her own GAZELLE TWIN: enter Natalia Zamilska from the famously darkest part of the country, Silesia. Covered in carbon soot, raising deep from the centre of the Earth, she hits hard with her third album ‘Uncovered’. Continue Reading ›

COM TRUISE Persuasion System

COM TRUISE is well known in the world of synthwave, being often cited as one of the greatest in the genre, providing sci-fi synth delicacies of the otherworldly type. New Yorker COM TRUISE was born Seth Haley. Currently working out of Los Angeles, while his previous long player brought a completion of a space saga concept, the new opus ‘Persuasion System’ concentrates on the changes on our planet, in the present tense. Continue Reading ›

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