Channel 4 drama ‘Humans’ declared that on no account should anyone attempt to “reset or confront malfunctioning synths”.

The synths in question are premium synthetic humans manufactured for leisure and business markets in a series exploring the effects of artificial intelligence and robotics in a future dystopian society.

Now if the ‘synths’ were to produce a cast recording, it might sound like ‘Synthetic’, the most recent offering from London based electronic combo DICEPEOPLE.

A slice of accessible robopop helmed by founder member Matt Brock, ‘Synthetic’ comes with a suitably detached vocal from Atashi Tada, who also directs the accompanying visuals…

The Sci-Fi styled video could well be a commentary on society’s over-reliance on technology and the song a metaphor for how social media has become too powerful. Indeed, when youngsters get depression over the lack of likes on a status update and grown adults favour Facebook friends they have never met over those who have been loyal flesh and blood pals for many years, it is a sad state of affairs.

With three albums already behind them, DICEPEOPLE are promising more “dark electro for the body and mind”.

‘Synthetic’ is released by Sonic Serendipity and available as a download bundle or CD EP with three remixes from https://dicepeople.bandcamp.com/album/synthetic

DICEPEOPLE play London Electrowerkz on Saturday 22nd April 2017 with DAS FLUFF



Text by Chi Ming Lai
19th March 2017

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