mirrors_4Greek production duo FOTONOVELA have confirmed the title and release date for their second album, following 2008’s ‘Mistakes Are Good’.

Out on 11th December 2013 with the snappy anagram title of ‘A Ton Of Love’, the announcement comes with the unveiling of another new track featuring James New from the missing-in-action MIRRORS. Entitled ‘Our Sorrow’, this appropriately synth laden ditty captures the emotive spirit of classic OMD and is a perfect stop-gap for MIRRORS enthusiasts eagerly hoping for a follow-up to the magnificent album ‘Lights & Offerings’.

TEC had premiered another FOTONOVELA track ‘Romeo & Juliet’ featuring James New earlier in the year while eagle-eared listeners will spot a lift on ‘Our Sorrow’ from a section of MARSHEAUX’s Greek Girls Are Not Easy Extended remix of MIRRORS’ ‘Into the Heart’.

It has been an amazing year for George Geranios and Nick Bitzenis. As well as completing work on MARSHEAUX’s fourth album ‘Inhale’, their collaboration with OMD ‘Helen Of Troy’ was included on the ‘English Electric’album; the track had originally been recorded for ‘A Ton Of Love’ but Andy McCluskey thought it was so good that he wanted it for OMD.

fotonovela 2013-thumbThe duo’s talents are being very much coveted at the moment. Another collaboration from the sessions for ‘A Ton Of Love’ called ‘Fight The Feeling’ has now been slated as the debut single for new Wall Of Sound signings EKKOES.

As well as MARSHEAUX and MIRRORS’ James New, ‘A Ton Of Love’ also features guest vocalists such as DUBSTAR’s Sarah Blackwood, Bethany Cassidy from SECTION 25 and KID MOXIE.

The tracklisting for ‘A Ton Of Love’ is:

1 Big Black Hole [feat. Marsheaux]
2 Our Sorrow [feat. James New]
3 Close To Me [feat. Marsheaux]
4 Justice [feat. Sarah Blackwood]
5 Romeo And Juliet [feat. James New]
6 Clean Slate [feat. Bethany Cassidy]
7 Freeze Frame [feat. Kid Moxie]
8 Beautiful [feat. Sarah Blackwood]
9 Love Without Fear [feat. Patrick Donohoe]
10 She [feat. Daryl Smith]

The Electricity Club gives its thanks to Undo Records

‘A Ton Of Love’ is released by Undo Records




Text by Chi Ming Lai
3rd November 2013, updated 28th April 2014