Consisting of the striking Trinity-like figure of Rebecca Morgan and stern synthesist Simon Owen, Welsh duo FUTURE PERFECT’s debut album ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ does not disappoint.

Anyone who has taken delight in their excellent single ‘Hunter’ will enjoy the immediacy of the uplifting songs collected here which combine precise pulse driven electro with a distinctly soulful vocal range.

Vintage synths such as a Roland JP8000 and Yamaha CS15 flavour proceedings throughout.

Spacey and futuristic, several tracks reflect a sense of vulnerability with some bittersweet tones, but retain a sultry allure. ‘Poisoned Love’ is a good hard-to-the-floor opener with strong melodies and soaring vocals, its pulsing triplets and octave shifts to adding a Eurocentric flavour. ‘Dark Pleasures’ is a brilliant highlight with moody synthetic strings and stark dance beats while a quota of DEPECHE MODE influences come with ‘Not In Control’.

Other excellent tracks such as ‘Queen Of The Dancefloor’ which is almost sub-FAITHLESS and ‘Solitary Star’ follow a similar path fusing dense electronics with rich voicing. At times, Rebecca even sounds like a lost Sugababe and that is meant as a compliment! This is particularly evident on the upbeat ‘Fragile’ and the more down tempo ‘Confessions’. It all provides crossover potential.

‘Did You Find Sanctuary?’ is inspired by the film ‘Logan’s Run’ and here, your fantasies about Jenny Agutter can be aurally realised. Any heterosexual male between the ages of 35 to 50 who claims to have never had a crush on Miss Agutter after seeing her in ‘An American Werewolf In London’, Walkabout’ or ‘Logan’s Run’ is a total liar! Of course in The City of Domes, one would have been exterminated during ‘Carousel’ before even reaching that demographic!

The fantastic ‘Second Skin’ is energetically hypnotic and goes on an orchestra stab blow-out courtesy of an old Emulator II while the bonus track ‘Discover Me’ s a little less frantic. There’s even a slight hint of Madchester about it with its incessant piano riffs. A single in aid of the BEAT charity, it may be not representative of the rest of the album but is still a welcome extra.

Overall, this album has a classic synth sound with good tunes. There are no over the top effects gimmicks and the songs have plenty of room to breathe. In FUTURE PERFECT’s own words, this really is “cool, danceable electronic pop with a dark and sexy edge”.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ will available for download via iTunes and Amazon in late June. It will be available soon as a physical CD from

Text by Chi Ming Lai
3rd June 2010