‘Vintage’ is the current single by Leeds electronic music producer Simon Grainger aka GRAINGERBOY.

He was a member of ELECTRIC BOUTIQUE who had a Top 40 hit ‘Revelation’ in 2000 and played live with Ibiza sunset band A MAN CALLED ADAM.

Remixed by Jagz Kooner, one time member of SABRES OF PARADISE and THE ALOOF whose additional credits have also included ONE DOVE and LADYTRON, the immediately appealing ‘Vintage’ features a great electronic bass pulse and rousing chorus as if HOT CHIP met PET SHOP BOYS at Matter… basically, it’s ready for the floor.

His forthcoming debut album ‘Shadowformerself’ is more laid back though, a bittersweet milestone in the life and career of GRAINGERBOY. Co-produced by Ian Catt who worked with SAINT ETIENNE, it has been inspired by a decade of living which has included a personal near death experience in the Christchurch Earthquake. Incidentally, one of tracks ‘Summers End’ has been given an excellent deep house treatment by SAINT ETIENNE.

Musically influenced by electronic friendly acts like DAVID SYLVIAN, BRIAN ENO, MASSIVE ATTACK, ONE DOVE and CARL CRAIG, one of the album’s highlights is the nonchalant BELOVED inspired sun kissed synthpop of ‘I Love You’. With his textural intensity, GRAINGERBOY could be this year’s JAMES BLAKE.

‘Shadowformerself’ is released by Popcrisis Recordings on 15th October 2012



Text by Chi Ming Lai
8th September 2012