FUTURE PERFECT are a new duo from North Wales consisting of instrumentalist Simon Owen and singer / songwriter Rebecca Morgan.

They say they sound like a mash-up of lots of different synthpop sounds with a dark and sexy edge!

This isn’t actually far off the mark because the superb single ‘Hunter’ combines precise pulse driven electro with that guilty pleasure of a handbag rave styled vocal which provides a wonderfully euphoric topline and chorus.

‘The Matrix’ styled video was shot on location in North Wales where Rebecca cuts it as a striking Trinity-like figure while Simon does his best to impersonate Chris Lowe being Neo!

Other excellent tracks such as ‘Queen Of The Dancefloor’ and ‘Dark Pleasures’ follow a similar path, fusing dense electronics with stark dance beats and melodically rich vocal interfaces. With the spacey synth of ‘Not In Control’, it comes with a quota of DEPECHE MODE influences. In short, this is cool danceable electronic pop for the ‘True Blood’ generation.

FUTURE PERFECT play London’s Bedsitland on Saturday 12th June

Their debut album called ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is due out in Summer 2010


Text by Chi Ming Lai
19th April 2010