MARI & THE GHOST is the exciting new collaboration between highly respected Belgian producer / keyboard player Jean-Marc Lederman and vocalist Mari Kattman.

Jean-Marc approached Mari and suggested working on a trial track; they worked so well together that a five track EP was easily completed within a few weeks.

The breathy debut single ‘Wolves’ is a track that showcases Mari’s outstanding vocal talents and Lederman’s excellent production values.

Of the other tracks, ‘Love Greed’ and ‘The Day Becomes Night’ both develop on the breathy soundscapes of ‘Wolves’ while ‘Wash Upon the Shores’ takes on a more percussive, surreal tone. Meanwhile, the dreamy ‘Satellite’ will be the next single; Mari begins it with the enigmatic line: “An unawakened earth soon to be reborn…”

Mari is a much coveted singer who grew up in the state of Massachusetts, but now lives in Rhode Island. She has been in demand as a guest vocalist, most notably on the track ‘Husk’ from the album ‘Oceania’ by SURVEILLANCE, the side project of ASSEMBLAGE 23 front man Tom Shear. Meanwhile, Jean-Marc Lederman has worked with electronic greats FAD GADGET, FRONT 242 and Matt Johnson from THE THE while his previous bands have included KID MONTANA, THE WEATHERMAN and GHOST & THE WRITER, a collaboration with Frank Spinath from the German duo SEABOUND.

He also recorded an enchanting track called ‘Swimming’ in 1996 with the haunting and beautiful vocals of Julianne Regan from ALL ABOUT EVE under the moniker of JULES ET JIM.

The multi-talented Lederman has also produced music for video games and worked with KARL BARTOS and Japanese artist MASAYUKI AKAMATSU on a very successful musical iPad App called ‘Mini-Composer’.

MARI & THE GHOST’s intended debut EP has now expanded into becoming a work-in-progress album and the duo are hoping for a release date sometime in 2015, with live performances in the near future. Until then, ‘Wolves’ is available now as a download single via Amazon and iTunes

Text by Deb Danahay
12th October 2014