MARTYN BAILEY-mainHold on tight now, here comes a supernova; a red sky supernova to be precise. And it’s all courtesy of MARTYN BAILEY, a singer/songwriter whose love of music began when he first heard A-HA’s ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’.

Hearing the power and expressiveness of the Norweigan trio, Martyn knew he wanted to make music of a similar nature.

It was always his desire to release an album and initially he had hoped to achieve this with THE CHANNEL, performing A-HA covers along with some of his own material, however complications in getting the band together for any length of time was proving more and more difficult so it was amicably decided that Martyn should release his work as a solo artist.

Martyn’s debut album ‘Red Sky Supernova’ takes you on a special voyage, so buckle up and prepare for lift off. This well crafted work of art tells an entire story one and has been written with an eventual stage production in mind. The excitement builds through the title track and drama soon follows, which is portrayed passionately through ‘Panic In The Skies’ with it’s haunting whistling, rolling drum beats, repetitive refrain and a plea of “I don’t wanna die…”. All too soon, a crash landing on an unknown planet becomes a reality and our adventurous explorer is running scared, haunted by his two co-pilots on ‘Subject’.

Understandably this is an emotional time and it’s beautifully interpreted within the lyrics of ‘Carpe Diem’, a simplistic yet powerful piano ballad, stressing that we do only have one shot at life and that we should make every second count. It’s very deep, meaningful and extremely spine tingling and very much in keeping with VILE ELECTRODES ‘Deep Red’.

The best way to appreciate ‘Red Sky Supernova’ is to switch the lights off, pop your headphones on and listen to it in its entirety, without being disturbed. Appreciate everything from the fine production and moving lyrics to the emotional vocals backed by created sounds of an accomplished pianist and full orchestra. This is very well executed and a worthwhile investment.

‘Red Sky Supernova’ is available now via Amazon, iTunes and other digital outlets

Text by Karen Buxton
27th January 2014