MY GOD DAMN TERRITORYMY GOD DAMN TERRITORY are a Swedish duo based in Stockholm comprising Kajsa Olofsson and Mark Pettersson.

MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY go back 15 years from when Kajsa replied to an advert were Mark was looking for a singer for his band. In keeping with the band’s name, the pair work within a freezone where there are no compromises, no limits and no rules.

Having already released five more conventionally minded albums, MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY have developed into a spectacular live act where visual effects have had as much importance as musical ones.

In the past, the band had up to seven members so with this overcrowding, Kajsa and Mark started a side-project called KAJSER UND MARIT. When MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY shrank to a duo again, they decided to call their new album ‘Kajser und Marit’ to close the circle.

‘Kajser und Marit’ contains ten refreshing songs with touches of synthpop and glam. Appropriately, it has been produced by the Svenske synth legend Eddie Bengtsson of PAGE, SISTA MANNEN PÅ JORDEN and S.P.O.C.K fame.

With MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY’s usual template being so unlike Bengtsson’s usual musical tastes, he set about turning them into an electronic pop proposition, applying his special aesthetic over the songs. Kajsa and Mark added guitars and voices, and a new sound emerged.

MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY Kajser und MaritKajsa’s voice possesses a fragile and melancholic feeling, yet is strong, hopeful and energetic. It’s a voice that touches the listener and makes the songs feel alive and close.

The sound that MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY is possibly most reminiscent of is NEW ORDER and although very Swedish, it has the potential to crossover to an international audience. Some songs are very immediate while others could fit onto film soundtracks. It’s a well-produced album with a hybrid of electronic and conventional instrumentation.

It’s a promising start that MY GOD DAMN TERRITORY have made with this new sound of theirs!

‘Kajser Und Marit’ is released by Energy Rekords on 9th September 2016, available from

Text by Sophie Nilsson
31st August 2016