Bristol-based five piece SINESTAR first came to the attention of The Electricity Club back in January with their debut EP ‘I Am The Rain’.

This three track debut showcased their distinctive sound, featuring soaring synths, powerful vocals and driving live bass and drums. ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Lived For’ both served well to introduce their edgy sonic template.

However, it is the title track, ‘I Am The Rain’ with its catchy chorus and massive synth hook, which has been making waves throughout the electro community and beyond.

SINESTAR was formed from the ashes of a previous band, JAGGED, with whom four of the five SINESTAR members had also played. As lead singer Iain Brownlie explains,“Although pretty successful within our own right, ultimately the band imploded when the majority pulled in the direction of music with a broader sound and greater mass appeal. SINESTAR was born In January 2011.”

Iain describes SINESTAR’s sound as “fairly unique, in that the band members come from totally different musical backgrounds. Influences are vast and varied, from early DEPECHE MODE, MUSE, ULTRAVOX, GREEN DAY and GARY NUMAN to NEW ORDER, NINE INCH NAILS, MESH and VNV NATION. It’s all in there somewhere and to be honest it’s difficult to pin point any one over another that we could say are the biggest influence on our sound. We simply make the music that we want to hear.”

SINESTAR proved their live credentials when they recently played a set at the BAS II festival in Essex. Their afternoon slot at the James Hornsby school, with an audience in varying stages of recuperation from the excesses of the night before, might have proved challenging for a lesser band!

However, SINESTAR used this to their advantage, delivering a punchy set that simply demanded one’s attention.

The live guitar and drums, bolstered by Iain’s engaging stage presence, provided a welcome diversion from the purely electronic palette of the festival. Culminating with a triumphant rendition of ‘I Am The Rain’, theirs became one of the most talked about sets of the weekend.

The band is now busy working on a new album for release in late August and, as Iain reports, progress is “coming thick and fast. We have been inspired by the initial feedback from the debut release and have around 17 tracks that we are in the process of shaping. Not all will make the cut and we are going to be the biggest critics of our own material”

‘I Am The Rain’ EP is available from iTunes and other digital outlets

Text by Steve Gray
7th June 2012