SPACEBUOY3The first time I ever heard of SPACEBUOY was back in 2011 when ERASURE announced the bands who were to support them on their ‘Tomorrow’s World’ tour.

Andy Bell liked their music so much that he invited them to be their opening act at ERASURE’s warm-up gig in Bristol. They also supported them later in Blackpool where they received a loving welcome from the audience.

SPACEBUOY are a Midland duo; Howard Moth and Jez Allen Smith, who do electronic pop music at its best! They met over 20 years ago through their common interest in music. Their lyrics are brilliantly winsome and that combined with the elegant electrotunes makes for a perfect combination. Singer Howard (aka H) really knows how to put all his effort into the songs with his very sensitive and unique voice. His companion Jez is a cool captain behind the computer and synthesizers. It is not difficult to understand that they’ve put a lot of hard work into making their songs just the way they are.

Their first release ‘Fashionista’ is a classic electropop album containing 8 songs. From it, the title track has been played a lot on different radio stations all over the UK including Harborough and Phoenix FM. The songs are everything from immediately catchy to being a bit dark and mysterious. Songs like ‘Sonic Boom’, ‘Velveteen’ and ‘Oblivion’ really get stuck in your head in a positive way and you want to listen to them over and over again. They really grow on you as a listener. Every play uncovers new things in them and the songs just sparkle when played live. “Alternative synthpop…it’s what we do” say SPACEBUOY!

SPACEBUOY1The orange pair released their second EP ‘Breathe’ this spring featuring the very delicate title track. When SPACEBUOY performed this April at i Synth 1 in Lille, they played a couple of new songs which were really something special. They are a very interesting live band and Howard connects closely with the audience. Having seen them at Bas II and Croydon in 2012, their live set in Lille showed that they had elevated one level further.

They are now back in the studio recording new songs for the next album. The so-far-untitled album will be out on the market later in 2013. Everything is progressing fine and the band are very happy with the results so far.

If you haven’t heard of SPACEBUOY, I really recommend that you give them a listen… if you like ERASURE, it is a definite must! This is for sure a band that we will hear lots from in the very near future.

‘Fashionista’ and ‘Breathe’ are available as downloads via iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby

Text and Photos by Sophie Nilsson
13th June 2013