Anglo-American duo STRANGE EYES combine a vampish magnetism with an electronic AOR backbone. Comprising of Melissa Glass and Jodie Fox, the two were last spotted as members of VIVIEN GLASS who made a great bleep forward with their second album ‘Jura’ in Autumn 2015 before seemingly disbanding a year later.

Now out on their own, STRANGE EYES’ brooding debut single ‘Black Heart’ successfully blends Melissa’s taste for FLEETWOOD MAC with Jodie’s love of IAMX, the crunchy arpeggios and rhythmic construction being far more convincing and interesting than the majority of LITTLE BOOTS’ output in the past few years.

The striking video directed by Joe Watkins and filmed at Spectrecom Studios by Crixus Productions sees the pair as murderous vixens travelling through time with a vendetta… any symbolism relating to real life events can be interpreted or misinterpreted by viewers as appropriate.

And there’s more to come from the girls on their upcoming three track EP with the dreamy ‘Jupiter’, a fine second cousin to ‘Black Heart’. Exploiting its synth usage for a widescreen spectrum of sound, it is all wonderfully complimented by some confident vocals and harmonies.

As STRANGE EYES attempt to regain the momentum that began with VIVIEN GLASS, their more gothic allure of is certainly showing some promising steps towards a sound of their own.

‘Black Heart’ is available as a download single via the usual digital platforms

STRANGE EYES 2018 live dates include: St Albans The Horn (12th June), London Juju’s (22nd June), Berlin Madame Claude (20th July)

Text by Chi Ming Lai
Photos by Joe Watkins
7th June 2018