STRANGERS are a synth friendly noir-ish trio from London. 

The band consist of David Maddox-Jones (vocals), Raife Hacking (drums) and Piers S Robert (keyboards). Their filmic production is courtesy of one Glen Nicholls while as main songwriter, Maddox-Jones has captured a monochromatic sense of imagery.

While ‘Lies’ with its climatic sense of chromatic drama has led to other bloggers lazily comparing them to HURTS, STRANGERS have a more syncopated percussive framework that is a lot less like TAKE THAT, as ably demonstrated on EP3 by ‘Sweet Nothing’ and EP2’s ‘It Was A Sin’.

The excellent ‘If I Found Love’ from EP1 recalls THE CURE’s ‘Love Song’ crossed with NEW ORDER while best of all is ‘Bound By The Sea’ from EP2 which captures the feel of B-MOVIE, that great lost Some Bizzare act of yesteryear. The track sees Maddox-Jones particularly adept at impersonating Steve Hovington while the bubbling sequence is complimented by some JAPAN styled ring modulation.

Incidentally, they have already done a solo piano cover of ‘Ghosts’ while they have also recorded a stark detuned version of LANA DEL REY’s ‘Video Games’ and even given away a rendition of TEARS FOR FEARS’ ‘Shout’.

Their three EPs so far collect together a variety of dramatic templates ranging from new wave and synthpop to industrial and goth. However, STRANGERS cannot really be classified within any of those and this could be their trump guard as they manifest themselves to gain wider acceptance. Potentially, they could have the same impact as WHITE LIES.

All three EPs are still available via the usual digital outlets while their debut album is due in the Autumn. A new single ‘Shine On You’ is set for a release through Killing Moon Limited on 16th April 2012.

Text by Chi Ming Lai
21st February 2012