TEC002 with MARSHEAUX, FOTONOVELA and guest DJ RUSTY EGAN was a big success. The evening began with FOTONOVELA, that is Geroge Geranios and Nick Bitzenis aka NIKONN who are also MARSHEAUX’s additional live musicians.

They performed a DJ set of synth hits sweetened with Ableton Live including ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Love is a Stranger’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Situation’.

They all held a high tempo through the set and managed to really capture the crowd when they skillfully interlaced elements from the different songs with new rhythms and sounds into a kind of mixcollage. It was wonderful to see the infectious enthusiasm that George and Nick possess. Much of what they did was to time in loops and sound sequences into the mix, but this must be done accurately and with great attention to timing. I was very impressed with how well they got everything to flow together into one unit.

RUSTY EGAN followed shortly afterwards and began with a short presentation of his long career, how he caught the eye and ear for electronic music during the late 70s and early 80s by KRAFTWERK, GARY NUMAN, JOHN FOXX, ULTRAVOX, DEPECHE MODE etc and how he began at The Blitz and with VISAGE.

He went on to celebrate the European electronic music tradition and how much he hated many kinds of typical American music to the cheers of the audience. Then he started his DJ set that focused more on newer music, but began with KRAFTWERK’s ‘Spacelab’ and via a mostly instrumental musical trip, ending with a great remix of VISAGE’s ‘Fade to Grey’.

Then the highlight of the evening: MARSHEAUX! They played for 75 wonderful minutes and mixed hits from the first three albums, with emphasis on the last album ‘Lumineux Noir’ but including ‘Computer Love’, ‘Hanging On’, ‘Dream of a Disco’, ‘Summer’, ‘Breakthrough’, ‘Exit’, ‘Radial Emotion’, ‘Stand By’ and ‘So Far’ with three new songs from the upcoming album ‘Inhale’ to be released in July. The new songs ‘Self Control’, ‘Inhale’ and ‘Come On Now’ were all very well received by audience, especially the latter.

About halfway into the show, RUSTY EGAN sneaked up on stage and sat down on a chair behind one of the speakers. He really looked liked he was enjoying the music. In the encore which was a reprise of ‘Come On Now’, Mr Egan became MARSHEAUX’s fifth live member, when he spontaneously (?) took on the role as drummer. Epic in every sense of the word, an astonished Marianthi looked round to see where all the extra percussion was coming from!!

Equally wonderful was when the whole audience joined in singing to the superb cover of THE HUMAN LEAGUE’s old classic ‘Empire State Human’. MARSHEAUX had no background video this time, but managed to carry the concert on their own without any problems. Both Marianthi and Sophie seemed to enjoy themselves as much as I and the rest of the crowd. I have been to their concerts three times now and I have to say this was probably the best so far: the concert venue was just the right size, the audience enthusiastic and the whole evening was well organised with no glitches to speak of, apart from some minor feedback issues in the speakers.

Marsheaux+sarah-TEC002Worth mentioning and exclusive to this gig, there was also a compilation CD for sale called ‘The E-bay Queen Is Dead’. It features no less than 14 hard-to-get MARSHEAUX songs, most of which are previously unreleased on CD. A must for every collector!

Also watching from the audience on this wonderful night of electro was DUBSTAR’s Sarah Blackwood who was taking a break from recording the band’s first new album in 12 years to be at TEC002. All-in-all, this was a night to remember and I for one am already looking forward to the next gig with MARSHEAUX.

The Electricity Club gives its thanks and appreciation to MARSHEAUX, RUSTY EGAN and FOTONOVELA





This article was originally published in Swedish at synth.nu

Text by Johan Wejedal
Photos by Richard Price
8th May 2012