In that time honoured tradition… yes, “they’re back, back, BACK!”

MIRRORS return with a brand new single ‘Hourglass’ as the follow up to the ‘This Year, Next Year, Sometime. . . ?’ EP issued earlier in the year.

As hinted at by the newly recorded songs ‘Dust’ and ‘Shooting Stars’ from that compendium, MIRRORS are heading for a sparser, textural direction while still retaining those emotive melodic components which made their debut album ‘Lights & Offerings’ such a rewarding listen.

On ‘Hourglass’, an echoing drum machine is met with a cacophony of sombre synth strings and hauntingly melancholic vocals.

It’s perhaps less immediate than previous offerings and having been spotted enjoying the recent CHRIS & COSEY gig in Bexhill-on-Sea, it would appear that darker, more abstract influences are coming to the fore with MIRRORS.

However, ‘Hourglass’ is that properly avant pop track post-‘Dazzle Ships’ that has been promised by OMD for nearly 30 years but never really delivered on.

‘Hourglass’ is available digitally from 18th June 2012

Text by Chi Ming Lai
11th June 2012