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KALEIDA Interview

Having come to wider attention with their song ‘Think’ appearing on the soundtrack of the 2014 Keanu Reeves action thriller ‘John Wick’, moody electronic duo KALEIDA opened their account with a six track EP of the same name. With their second album ‘Odyssey’ having been released in the summer, KALEIDA very kindly took time out to speak to The Electricity Club about their career to date. Continue Reading ›

Introducing GLÜME

From the Italians Do It Better stable, home to the likes of CHROMATICS and DESIRE, comes rather a lovely eerie 'Twin Peaks' styled cover of 'Come Softly To Me' from the mysterious but glamourous GLÜME. Written and made famous by THE FLEETWOODS in an almost acapella rendition in 1958, GLÜME’s version of 'Come Softly To Me' is more chilling and metronomic, capturing the innocence of forgotten yesterdays in the pursuit of today. Continue Reading ›

RENARD Interview

Every self-respecting lover of darker, moodier electronica will know of WOLFSHEIM. But after five full length albums, the duo split up in a monumental row seeing Peter Heppner moving his second-to-none voice elsewhere, leaving Markus Reinhardt standing. While Heppner went on to create solo projects and work with various collaborators including CAMOUFLAGE, Reinhardt is only resurfacing with his post-WOLFSHEIM material now. Continue Reading ›

ALKA Regarding The Auguries

‘Regarding The Auguries’ is the fourth album by ALKA, the electronic music vehicle of Philadelphian Bryan Michael. It is also the second ALKA record to be released on Vince Clarke’s VeryRecords, following up ‘The Colour Of Terrible Crystal’ from 2017. As the ‘Regarding The Auguries’ titles suggests, this long player is not a cheerful affair. ‘Regarding The Auguries’ is therefore timely but it was recorded before lockdown. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: PARALLELS Visionaries

While now established as a modern synthpop force in a similar vein to CHVRCHES, AVEC SANS and DANA JEAN PHOENIX, the story of PARALLELS actually began in 2008 while their debut album ‘Visionaries’ came out in 2010. Fronted by Holly Dodson, PARALLELS at the time was a partnership with Cameron Findlay. Holly Dodson kindly chatted to The Electricity Club from her home in Toronto about the start of her journey as PARALLELS and the making of the ‘Visionaries’ album. Continue Reading ›

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