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Introducing LAURA DRE

Laura Dre may be a new name in synth but she is a seasoned musician and producer with years of experience playing live and working in the studio, completing a degree in Music Production at BIMM along the way. Her first single proper though is the dreamy ‘Moving Spaces’, a fine showcase for her deeper contralto vocal style influenced by Shirley Manson, PJ Harvey and Alison Goldfrapp. Texturally and structurally, the glistening song takes its lead from classic electronic pop. Continue Reading ›


A purveyor of neo-classical piano and synth, Robin Hatch is a composer from Toronto. Primarily known as a classical virtuoso and a touring keyboardist for Canadian alternative rock band OUR LADY PEACE, she effectively leads a triple life. Recorded at home during the lockdown, ‘Noise’ is unlike her three previous works as an avant synth record that incorporates vocals and drum machine. Across eight tracks, it develops Robin Hatch’s avant garde inclinations into pop. Continue Reading ›


Was 1981 the most important year in synth as far becoming ubiquitous in the mainstream and hitting the top of the charts internationally? For many listeners, 1981 was a formative year and had so many significant new releases. Looking back to four decades ago, here are twenty albums which The Electricity Club sees as contributing to the electronic legacy of 1981. Listed in alphabetical order with the restriction of one album per artist moniker, this is the way it was in the past, a long long time ago... Continue Reading ›


A new companion release to ‘Under Mitt Skinn’ which came out in Summer 2020, PAGE issue their third EP in six months entitled ‘Aska’. The trailblazing Swedish duo of Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko have been fairly prolific of late and partying like it’s 1979. In acknowledgement of Synth Britannia, TUBEWAY ARMY and early ULTRAVOX have been very much the key influence in the recent work of PAGE, most notably with the ‘Start’ EP and the long player ‘Fakta För Alla’. Continue Reading ›

WE ARE REPLICA Cleared Vision

It was something of a sign for 2020 when WE ARE REPLICA’s first attempt at a full length album was lost when a feral cat got into their studio over the New Year holidays and urinated all over their computer! But the London-based Franco German dark synth duo of Nadège Préaudat and Martin Kinz soldiered on and now have ‘Cleared Vision’. With a muted down aggression towards the mindset that the album’s title suggests, is this possibly some optimism finding its way in through the back door? Continue Reading ›

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