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Introducing SCINTII

Music needs some mystery every now and then, and that comes with SCINTII, the musical vehicle of Taiwanese singer and producer Stella Chung. Comparisons are easy to make with the Beijing-born FIFI RONG as both have an exotic trip-hop influenced sound and ‘Deux’ could easily be mistaken for the Chinese YELLO collaborator with its eerie but accessible underground sound. SCINTII’s hypnotic new single 'Times New Roman' has been produced by Danny L Harle. Continue Reading ›


Switzerland’s YELLO have never been an act to over-expose themselves in relation to the product that they’ve released. Previous album ‘Toy’ was released in 2016 and prior to that ‘Touch Yello’ came out in 2009; so after a four year gap we now have the duo’s latest work ‘Point’. Within the first 10 seconds of album opener ‘Waba Duba’, there is no mistaking that this is YELLO Continue Reading ›

New Europeans: The Legacy of ULTRAVOX

There are endless debates about whether the John Foxx or Midge Ure fronted ULTRAVOX is the valid and definitive one. Like with the Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins led versions of GENESIS, both have their own sound and different audiences, while there are some who even like both. But whatever, the four piece ULTRAVOX comprising of Warren Cann, Chris Cross, Billy Currie and Midge Ure was undoubtedly the most commercially successful, scoring thirteen Top 30 hit singles in the UK over a period of four and a half years. Continue Reading ›

AaRON Ultrarêve

Jean-Claude Van Damme, the self-styled “Muscles From Brussels” makes an unexpected appearance in the video to French duo AaRON’s new single 'Ultrarêve'. Translated as "ultra-dream", it sees Van Damme indulging in some movement artistry while in a deserted Los Angeles car park before moving out into the Californian landscape and ends with him conducting the waves somewhere on the Pacific coastline. Continue Reading ›


LINEA ASPERA released their self-titled debut album in 2012. A collection of dark but danceable electronic pop, before any new listeners had an opportunity to discover and savour them, the duo had already disbanded in 2013. The duo resurfaced in 2019 with the release of the ‘Preservation Bias’ compilation of EP tracks and rarities, leading to a reunion with live shows around Europe including a triumphant gig at Electrowerkz in London and the announcement of a second LINEA ASPERA album. Continue Reading ›

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