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Fred Ventura is the Italo Disco legend who had a number of European club hits such as ‘Wind Of Change’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘The Years (Go By)’ between 1984-1989. Born Federico Di Bonaventura in Milan, he generally wrote and sang his own material, something that perhaps wasn’t so prevalent in the world of Italo Disco. Fred Ventura kindly took time out to chat with ELECTRICITYCLUB.CO.UK about his career to date. Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with RICHARD BARBIERI

Richard Barbieri releases a new album ‘Under A Spell’, but despite beginning his recorded career in 1978 with JAPAN, it is only his fourth full-length solo offering. Inspired by strange dreams that Barbieri was having triggered by the anxiety and isolation caused by the pandemic, sombre atmospherics are very much the dominant template for ‘Under A Spell’, Richard Barbieri had a quick chat about the making of ‘Under A Spell’ and the upcoming 'Quiet Life' deluxe boxed set. Continue Reading ›


The third installation in the SNS SENSATION lockdown series, ‘Mirror Radio’ is a fuzzier, more aggressive synthpop number than its two predecessors, for whom the detuned bells toll. While ‘Small World’ captured panic and ‘Your Door’ was swathed in sadness, ‘Mirror Radio’ channels anger with a harder industrial edge at the powers that be and their response to the pandemic. Argentine-born Sebastian Muravchik is the man behind SNS SENSATION. Continue Reading ›


Although LEAGUE OF LIGHTS are already veterans of two albums, the heavy rock band sound of their 2011 self-titled debut is not an indicator of where they are today. Premiering this more focussed and accomplished direction is for their new album ‘Dreamers Don’t Come Down’, 'Modern Living', a slice of enjoyable goth disco that comes over like THE SMASHING PUMPKINS recent single ‘Cyr’ meeting ‘Hello’, DRAGONETTE’s 2010 collaboration with Martin Solveig. Continue Reading ›

ZIMBRU Interview

Comprising of Teodora Retegan, Andrei Bobiș, Paul Bucovesan and Oana Pop, ZIMBRU are a synth assisted Romanian art pop quartet with a strong TALKING HEADS influence. Their promising 2019 debut EP 'Little Creatures' offered haunting forlorn vocals, synthy hooks, art school sensibilities and intriguing rhythmic backdrops for the dancefloor. Teodora Retegan and Andrei Bobiș from ZIMBRU talked about the band’s career to date. Continue Reading ›

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