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TENEK Live in Brighton

tenek2When TENEK played a headline show in their hometown of Brighton, a stream of discerning electro fans headed for the south coast, eager to hear tracks from their new album 'On the Wire'. Like their own musical idols, image is all important to TENEK, and they certainly looked the part tonight. Following the show, The Electricity Club caught up with Peter Steer and Geoff Pinckney to discuss the new album, life on the road and more. Continue Reading ›

TENEK On The Wire

tenek_otwBrighton-based duo TENEK first came to our attention with their debut album 'Stateless' in 2009. Their distinctive sound, combining hard-edged electro with catchy synth pop hooks won them a legion of admirers. TENEK are themselves massive fans of the genre, and their influences past and present shine through in their music. Now they return with a brand new album 'On the Wire'. Continue Reading ›

Missing in Action: MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO

Along with TENEK, VILE ELECTRODES, KATSEN and ARTHUR & MARTHA, Teeside’s MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO were among a wave of independent British acts who rode alongside more mainstream acts like LA ROUX, LITTLE BOOTS, HURTS and MIRRORS. Kev Oyston kindly took time to chat about his time with MOTORBIKES IN TOKYO, his continuing admiration for GARY NUMAN and his new more unorthodox musical project THE SOULLESS PARTY… Continue Reading ›

THE ELECTRICITY CLUB… The Next Generation?

Sitting on the sofa with my now thirteen year old daughter, who over the years has acquired a rather sarcastic sense of humour (who on Earth does she get that from?!) and pondering how to approach this task of reviewing ‘The Electricity Club’ compilation, makes us both burst out with hearty laughter. After all, she wants to rise to the occasion properly, and review things "just like Mummy does". Children have the innate ability to always tell the truth... Continue Reading ›


Amour Records / Minos EMI / Universal Music in collaboration with Undo Records are to release a 2CD compilation compiled by The Electricity Club. Capturing its ethos to feature the best in new and classic electronic pop music, this compilation is the culmination of a period which has seen the resurgence of the genre. Over the years, The Electricity Club appears to have reflected the interests of people who love the Synth Britannia era. Continue Reading ›

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