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Like many folk I know, I have a difficult relationship with the genre known as synthwave. Artists such as Michael Oakley produce music that has been bundled with synthwave but is superior in the songwriting and execution whilst a plethora of bands with names like LASER CAPRI 83 just regurgitate the tropes of the movement by buying a few sample packs and firing a neon logo on their artwork. I have always found THE MIDNIGHT fall between these two stools. Continue Reading ›

THE ELECTRICITY CLUB’S 25 Synth B-Sides Of The 21st Century

There is nothing like the other side of life. As a companion to its favourite 25 Classic Synth B-sides, The Electricity Club presents a listing looking at the 21st Century equivalent. B-sides often take on a cult following, provoking discussions among fans. So with a restriction of one track per artist moniker, presented in date and then alphabetical order within, these are The Electricity Club’s 25 Synth B-Sides Of The 21st Century. Continue Reading ›

JESSIE FRYE Kiss Me In The Rain

Dallas based Jessie Frye started releasing and performing music in 2008. Produced by Matt Aslanian, her new album 'Kiss Me In The Rain' on NewRetroWave Records comes in at the right moment to try and raise spirits beaten by the difficult first part of 2020. If you’re in need of a pick me up this summer, parts of this album will do just this. However, at times Frye’s voice is dying to branch out and it would come as no surprise if she switched genres in the future. Continue Reading ›


One of the great scene debates runs as follows... what's better? The John Foxx or Midge Ure era incarnations of ULTRAVOX? There is however a “what might have been?” surrounding John Foxx and ULTRAVOX, with or without the exclamation mark. Had he stayed with the band beyond ‘Systems of Romance’, what would it have sounded like? With the release of 'Howl', we get an idea of what could have been. Continue Reading ›

MUSIK, MUSIC, MUSIQUE 1980: The Dawn Of Synth Pop

From Cherry Red, makers of the excellent ’Electrical Language: Independent British Synth Pop 78-84’ 4CD boxed set, comes 'Musik Music Musique’; subtitled ‘1980: The Dawn Of Synth Pop’, this 3CD 58 track collection explores the arrival of synth pop and the dawn of a new musical era. 'Musik Music Musique’ offers something of a low risk opportunity to make some new friends while becoming reacquainted with a few old and lost ones. Continue Reading ›

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