SHH hail from Buenos Aires and have had domestic success with their brand of sun-kissed electronic power pop.

They’ve now adapted their sound with newly translated English lyrics for the prestigious Northern European electro market. Fronted by the alluring peroxide blonde Diana Huarte on vocals with Daniel Gorostegui on synths and programming, they delivered an energetic set at monthly London electro night Bedsitland to launch their new single ‘Wonderful Night’ b/w ‘Tiger’.

Brimming with fiery Latin spirit, Diana’s vocals display a magnificent range which suits both the uptempo single ‘Tiger’ and the moodier ERASURE tinged ‘Sleepless’. The accented melodies provide a luscious charm to proceedings. The brilliant ‘Sensation’ has shades of bleepy techno, in particular THE SHAMEN’s ‘Make It Mine’. The blissful sexy optimism of the tunes enhances the dance factor. Meanwhile SHH treat the discerning crowd at Bedsitland to their much talked about lounge cover of DEPECHE MODE’s ‘Never Let Me Down Again’.

The newly anglicised ‘Hunt’ possesses an aggressive edge and here Diana’s stage presence dominates. It’s a song about female serial killer on the prowl for rich men and she acts out the role with vigour! And the stand-out track from the set happens to be the other track on the single Wonderful Night; it is bouncy danceable electropop that does what it says on the tin.

Fun and feisty, SHH gave a great performance that was appreciated by the crowd and rewarded with an encore of the only track in Spanish this evening ‘Volver A Jugar’. Diana tells everyone it’s about doing all manner of naughty things and one can only take her word for it! But the language of love really needs no translation! Fantšastico!

‘Wonderful Night’ b/w ‘Tiger’ is released as a seven inch pink vinyl single on 20th September 2010 via Sin Dormir Records and available from SHH’s MySpace. It will also include a CD single of both tracks.

Text by Chi Ming Lai
Photos by Richard Price
9th September 2010