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Paul Boddy, freelance producer, musician and writer looks back on ten years of The Electricity Club. I had known Chi Ming Lai previously via another now defunct website. I was very flattered when Chi asked me to start contributing to The Electricity Club. One of the first pieces I did was an interview with ADAMSKI in 2012. Looking back, this was one of the most nerve-wracking things I’d done and completely out of my comfort zone at the time. Continue Reading ›

ADAMSKI Interview

Rave legend ADAMSKI, best known for his international No.1 ‘Killer’ with SEAL, waltzes into the future. His innovative new electronic music project ‘Neo-Waltz’ gives a 21st century update of the style which was originally thought of as an indecent dance back in 18th Century England. Waltzing is performed in 3/4 time in close proximity by couples. Bored of seeing clubbers dancing alone all these years, ADAMSKI has put a modern twist on the dance in a bid to get people dancing together. Continue Reading ›