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From the ashes of ANALOG ANGEL come forth RAINLAND and their debut EP ‘Touch’. The Weegie duo of Ian Ferguson and Derek MacDonald were the musical lynchpin of their previous band and now free of the industrial shackles that occasionally held them back, their self-titled number ‘Rainland’ is a stomping synthpop statement, embroiled in a musicality that provides an almost joyous journey through the Grampian Mountains. Continue Reading ›


ANALOG ANGEL Four Front-artThe new ANALOG ANGEL album 'Four Front' has been entitled to celebrate the fact that three became four: with the admission of a lady into the men dominated group, the textures are bound to vary to accommodate the vocal of Tracy J Cox. Brown summarises the album as "based on our experiences", and, boy, the experience does show. The production's herald, 'Inner Peace' ushers the era of powerful synth. Continue Reading ›


synth.nu thumb 2016synth.nu is a Swedish language web publication that covers a broad spectrum of electronic music. Founded in 2005, like The Electricity Club, synth.nu follows an ethos that covers both new and established acts. Following a first meeting at the Electronic Summer 2015 Festival in Gothenburg, synth.nu's Martin Brandhill chatted to TEC’s co-founder Chi Ming Lai for an interview feature that was originally published at synth.nu earlier in January... Continue Reading ›

TEC’s 2015 End Of Year Review

System100 CakeThe user manual for the Roland System 100 semi-modular synthesizer profoundly stated “there are no illegal connections…” - and in modern electronic music, that is still the case with the accomplished artists of today very much connected to the synth pioneers of yesteryear like KRAFTWERK, OMD, DEPECHE MODE and THE HUMAN LEAGUE. 2014 was a comparatively lean 12 months, but this year found many veterans returning to the fold. Continue Reading ›

SOS#2 Festival at Electrowerkz

SOS#2-posterThe cancellation of Alt-Fest in August 2014 sent shockwaves around the alternative music scene. So acts from many shores who had pre-arranged to come to the UK, now had nowhere to play. Coming to the rescue were Flag Promotions who promptly hosted some of the bands at Electrowerkz in London. Fittingly named SOS, the event was a success and prompted a second instalment for 2015. TEC reports from the electro room on the first day of SOS#2 Festival where ASSEMBLAGE 23, ANALOG ANGEL, VIVIEN GLASS, EMPATHY TEST and TREGENZA all played. Continue Reading ›

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