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NTTX Of Beauty & Chaos

Deep into his love of EBM, the Toronto based Gord Clement, known as NTTX, has made a comeback to follow up his first EP, 'Objective'. Known to the die-hard fans of DEPECHE MODE for his infamous cover of 'New Dress', with its beefed up, stomp beats and a politically charged change of lyrics, the Canadian, formerly the singer and songwriter of ATOMZERO, ushers in some more heavy sounds on newly released 'Of Beauty & Chaos'. Continue Reading ›

M.I.N.E One

CAMOUFLAGE are a cult German synth band, whose career has grown bigger and bigger over the years, thanks to excellent releases and the fact that no song has been similar sounding or routinely written. 'Greyscale' marked album number eight, and it astonished once more with full, architectural sounds and the deep quality of the writing. Yet, the face of CAMOUFLAGE, Marcus Meyn has decided to step into his own side project M.I.N.E Continue Reading ›


rotersand-capitalism-tmROTERSAND's first album, 'Truth Is Fanatic' quickly established the notorious threesome alongside ASSEMBLAGE 23, COVENANT and VNV NATION as the core of electro industrial genre. Here comes the poignantly titled 'Capitalism TM', sporting a front cover of cryptic messages, including "you dwell in our matrix", "like monkeys in a tree", "controlled by informatics", "believing that you're free"; each describing the realities of modern human existence in the controlled environment of today. Continue Reading ›

DESTIN FRAGILE Halfway To Nowhere

DESTIN FRAGILE Halfway To NowhereThe formation of DESTIN FRAGILE dates back to 1993 when Swede Pontus Stålberg started collaborating with various musicians before joining forces with Daniel Malmöf and Stefan Nilsson for live performances. Nilsson and Stålberg ran a side project, the EBM inclined SPETSNAZ, who released four albums. Malmöf returned to complete the DESTIN FRAGILE cycle, which has culminated in the release of 'Halfway To Nowhere' on the Scanner label. Since it's been a 20 year wait for the album, the expectations run high. Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: AND ONE Aggressor

AND ONE-aggressorMuch can be said and speculated about German-based AND ONE, a band with many releases to date and a cult-like following. The founder, Steve Naghavi, a long standing EBM and DEPECHE MODE fan, is simply despised to the same extent as he is loved. But AND ONE’s input into the German electronic music scene cannot be denied or diminished. The last production that the band released for Virgin Schallplatten was the all-German 'Aggressor'. Continue Reading ›