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ANNA ÖBERG Vafan Har Jag Gjort!

The Swedish band LADOMIR, who described themselves as “synth and string”, was the jump start for Anna Öberg, who had long been a stand-alone composer and lyricist. A self-confessed lover of pop, Öberg decided to take the plunge into the ocean of electronica, releasing ‘Härsknar’ as her first solo long player. This year sees Öberg’s return with a follow-up, ‘Vafan Har Jag Gjort!’, which sweetly translates as “What the f*ck have I done!” Continue Reading ›

TEC’s 2017 End Of Year Review

The world found itself in a rather antagonistic and divisive state this year, as if none of the lessons from the 20th Century’s noted conflicts and stand-offs had been learnt. After a slow start to 2017, there was a bumper crop of new music from a number of established artists. Overall, it was artists of a more mature disposition who held their heads high and delivered, as some newer acts went out of their way to test the patience of audiences by drowning them in sleep while coming over like TRAVIS on VSTs. Continue Reading ›


Citing the influences such as JOHN CARPENTER, KRAFTWERK, THE CURE and BOB HUND, ANNA ÖBERG admits that pop is constantly at the centre of her own songwriting. 'Härsknar' is her first solo long player. Promising flute, glockenspiel and voices, all added to synthesizers and drum machines circa 1972-1986, 'Härsknar' invites the listener to immerse themselves into a Swedish extravaganza of new wave, industrial, BDM and punk. Continue Reading ›