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ZANTi Broken Hearted City

With Anni Hogan meeting Derek Forbes, one can only expect electrifying miracles. Hogan, known for her collaborations with Marc Almond, Nick Cave, Barry Adamson, Robin Rimbaud, Rusty Egan and Wolfgang Flür, shares more than the love for the sci-fi of ‘The Zanti Misfits’ with bassist Forbes, who worked with SIMPLE MINDS and PROPAGANDA. As the explosive twosome joined forces to create a cinematic gem of their own, here comes the debut long player ‘Broken Hearted City’. Continue Reading ›

RUSTY EGAN PRESENTS Welcome To The Dancefloor

rusty-egan-presents-wttdfAfter many years of trials and tribulations, Rusty Egan finally presents ‘Welcome To The Dancefloor’. It’s a collection of thirteen songs that explore a varied range of topics from the euphoria of clubland to the celebration of musical heroes to personal bereavement. Indeed, several of the songs started off as recordings for the rebooted VISAGE. Chris Payne who co-wrote ‘Fade To Grey’ had submitted several compositions... Continue Reading ›


SCANNIElectronic producer SCANNER (aka ROBIN RIMBAUD) and pianist / arranger ANNI HOGAN are individually known for their experimental works sampling radio / mobile phone transmissions and being a part of MARC & THE MAMBAS respectively. 'Scanni' is a brave and beautifully produced album that despite its opening curveball, does something that many works fail to achieve these days… it sucks you in. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MARC ALMOND

MarcAlmond-profileAlthough electronic pop only forms a part of MARC ALMOND’s repertoire, he is forever associated with SOFT CELL’s recording of ‘Tainted Love’, possibly the first true crossover record from the Synth Britannia era. So what would a Beginner’s Guide to MARC ALMOND look like? Primarily focussing on his electronic, or at least, technologically assisted work and with a restriction of one song per album or project, here are TEC’s twenty choices. Continue Reading ›

WOLFGANG FLÜR Live at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

WOLFGANG-11A packed Hoxton Bar was filled to capacity including the DJ who helped popularize KRAFTWERK in UK, Rusty Egan and Stevo of Some Bizarre records. Several of the background images flashed up “WOLFGANG FLÜR – ex-KRAFTWERK”, but in reality, the man (machine) himself needed no such introduction. There was a huge sense of anticipation as to what Flür would perform, as there has been little in the way of solo work and only the recent release of ‘Activity of Sound’ by the iEUROPEAN project. Continue Reading ›