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A Beginner’s Guide To RICHARD X

Producer and remixer Richard Philips, better known as Richard X, began his musical career creating bootlegs or mash-ups, an illegal creative practice of combining two existing records to make an entirely new track. As a result of often working on just singular tracks with artists, Richard X has a large and diverse portfolio; The Electricity Club lists eighteen of his most notable tracks, with a limit of one track per artist and presented in chronological and then alphabetical order… Continue Reading ›


QUEEN OF HEARTS Cocoon-artworkWords like violence, break the silence… QUEEN OF HEARTS is the talented young singer Elizabeth Morphew and after a long gestation period, her debut album ‘Cocoon’ has finally arrived. Brought up to the sound of the synthesizer and learning to dance to the beat of electronic drums, the young royal grew up on a strict diet of A-HA, DEPECHE MODE, YAZOO and THE HUMAN LEAGUE, thanks to her dear Queen Mother. Continue Reading ›


Following her bouncy recorded debut with the JOHAN AGEBJÖRN collaboration 'The Last Day Of Summer', the lovely QUEEN OF HEARTS releases some catchy electropop of her own, courtesy of ‘The Arrival’ EP. On it are her majesty's two viral hits from earlier this year, ‘Freestyle’ and ‘Where Are You Now?’ Starting ‘The Arrival’ however is a sizzling new collaboration with THE SOUND OF ARROWS called ‘Shoot the Bullet’. Continue Reading ›

QUEEN OF HEARTS Live at Madame JoJo’s

qoh1Since launching herself to the world in February, the gorgeous QUEEN OF HEARTS has been attracting a fair amount of attention from the mainstream press. And so it was on a lovely, warm April evening that QUEEN OF HEARTS gave her debut live performance. In the presence of press, family, friends and fans, she regally strolled onto stage in the most beautiful dress courtesy of Polish couture designers Kruszynska. Continue Reading ›