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Like Germany and the UK, Sweden has an established history in electronic music. With a melodic tradition rooted in traditional Nordic folk music and the region’s long dark nights causing bouts of melancholy, the Swedes are more than well suited to stay indoors and further the art of synthpop. So what’s so special about Sweden then? Listed chronologically from its UK perspective with a restriction of one song per moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 25 SVENSKA SYNTH SONGS… Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To JOHN FRYER

John Fryer studioHaving started his career at London's Blackwing Studios in 1980 as an assistant engineer, John Fryer had a very basic knowledge of recording technology. Employed by Eric Radcliffe, he promptly progressed from engineering into production. With a restriction of one track per album project, here are The Electricity Club’s eighteen songs choices in its Beginner’s Guide to the studio legend that is John Fryer, with additional choice commentary from the man himself. Continue Reading ›

ASHBURY HEIGHTS The Looking Glass Society

AshburyHeightsTheLookingGlassSocietyThe Swedes seem to rule the roost these days, as far as turning out the best electronic gems is concerned, with the most decent tunes coming out of this cold, Nordic land. The starting point of the Swedish Invasion may as well have been with the birth of ASHBURY HEIGHTS in Sundsvall, Sweden in 2005. Due to ongoing disputes with the band's label Out Of Line, ASHBURY HEIGHTS disbanded the same year, until a settlement in 2011. The work on the third album did not start however until 2013 Continue Reading ›