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TWIN PEAKS & FRIENDS: Introducing The Weird & Wonderful Musical World of David Lynch

And so we are invited to go in; into the mysteriously twisted, sickening at times, never straightforward world of David Lynch. One likes the arts and photography, another excels in music, or vocals, few make good films, while the rest write or paint; Lynch has done it all. Meeting Angelo Badalamenti, while filming his hugely successful 'Blue Velvet', proved to be the start of a captivating musical relationship, which Lynch has proven to treasure till today. Continue Reading ›


Beauty Of The SynthesizerFollowing the publication of a ‘25 Frontwomen That Defined Britpop Beauty’ list by fashion blog Never Under Dressed, The Electricity Club pondered as to what a synthpop list would look like? In the Synth Britannia heyday, other than Alison Moyet, Annie Lennox, Gillian Gilbert, Claudia Brücken and Terri Nunn, there were very few women involved in electronic pop music as equals. Of course, today it is very different. So in alphabetical order and confined to women who front primarily electronic acts and / or play synths in the new millennium, here are The Electricity Club’s choices to represent The Beauty Of The Synthesizer. Continue Reading ›

AU REVOIR SIMONE Move In Spectrums

Au_Revoir_Simone_Move_in_SpectrumsAU REVOIR SIOMONE released their last album ‘Still Night, Still Light’ in 2009 and from it, ‘Another Likely Story’ was their breakthrough to wider acceptance. After eschewing the perils of the drum kit since their formation, ‘Move In Spectrums’ becomes their first album to fully embrace nosier live percussion. But interestingly, although a drummer James Richardson performs on two tracks, the girls’ approach on the rest has been to tackle the duties themselves. Continue Reading ›


Au_Revoir_Simone_2013Brooklyn's AU REVOIR SIMONE have returned with a stylish new video for the song ‘Somebody Who’ to launch their brand new album ‘Move In Spectrums’. In it, Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D'Angelo have glammed up for what looks like Hello magazine shoot in a stately home but retaining their girl next door aura, they poke fun at the process by brushing their teeth and blowing bubblegum. ‘Somebody Who’ still retains the band’s trademark triple keyboard eloquence with repeating riffs and counter melodies but embellishing with more noisier off-kilter synth elements than previously heard on their work. Continue Reading ›

Introducing …of DIAMONDS

From Norwich, it’s the band of the week! …of DIAMONDS are possibly the English Countryside’s answer to AU REVOIR SIMONE. They differ from the Brooklyn threesome in their use of organic instrumentation alongside the synthesized experiments. Augmented by Boy on Drums, they deliver hybrid electronica with three-part harmonies that can be bittersweet but not without some wry humour and fun. The end result sounds like a kooky musical workshop from a Girl Guide camping weekend. Continue Reading ›

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