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TR/ST The Destroyer – 1

Since releasing ‘Joyland’, TR/ST’s second album in 2014, mainman Robert Alfons has relocated from Toronto to work in southern Ontario and Los Angeles. An ambitious two volume work, ‘The Destroyer’ sees Alfons reunite with debut long player collaborator Maya Postepski, who co-wrote and co-produced six of this project’s songs. “My first two records were put out so close to one another that I think of them as one” said Alfons on the reasoning for the new two part work Continue Reading ›

FRAGRANCE. Now That I’m Real

Little is known of Matthieu Roche aka FRAGRANCE. apart from the self-description as a “dreamy synthpop project from Paris”. Working by himself, Roche has been releasing single tracks via Soundcloud since 2016. Two years ago saw the artist present his first EP entitled ‘Dust & Disorders’ and more recently he covered the GALA hit ‘Freed From Desire’. 'Now That I’m Real’ is his first long player and, for an album debut, this stuff is rather good. Continue Reading ›

Introducing TR/ST

TRUSTWith AUSTRA returning following their acclaimed 2011 debut album 'Feel It Break', a side project during their hiatus originally featuring their drummer Maya Postepski has almost passed under radar but deserves recognition. TRUST started as a synth duo comprising of Postepski and Robert Alfons who released their debut album 'TRST' back in early 2012 on the Arts & Crafts label. Like AUSTRA, the music is swathed in electro-gothic grandeur but differs in that it features predominately male vocals. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 30 SONGS OF 2011

Austra-Spellwork-150x150So what did The Electricity Club think was hot back in 2011? It featured a day in March when THE HUMAN LEAGUE, JOHN FOXX and DURAN DURAN all released new albums, while VILE ELECTRODES launched their debut EP. In a year when the synth pioneers were finally recognised for their valuable contribution to popular culture, here is The Electricity Club’s Top 30 songs of 2011 in alphabetical order by artist. Continue Reading ›

AUSTRA Feel It Break

Austra-feel it breakDon't be deceived by her ELLIE GOULDING looks, AUSTRA front woman Katie Stelmanis speaks her mind with a strong feminist agenda. Together with Maya Postepski and Dorian Wolf , AUSTRA deliver a stark, baroque form of electronica fuelled by sexual tension. And after the strong singles 'Beat & The Pulse' and 'Lose It', one of this spring's most anticipated full length albums is now finally here. Continue Reading ›