Dark synthpop duo AUX ANIMAUX met in Stockholm at the end of 2015.

Comprising of Ghosty on vocals, bass guitar + theremin and the classically trained Jons on synthesizers, among the brooding atmospheres lingers a gothic intrigue. This is not entirely surprising with influences such as CHROMATICS, PORTISHEAD, MASSIVE ATTACK and GOLDFRAPP.

Their recently debut EP ‘Black Holes’ gathers four tracks written over a two year period in Germany, France and Sweden.

The title track takes on an ominous demeanour with haunting vocals that hint at dystopia. It would be fair to say that Ghostly is still finding her voice but with experience, her potential will be unlocked to give a more airy allure. But tonally, there is no doubt Ghosty and Jons are a musical match.

Of the remaining tracks on the debut, the reverberant ‘Revolution’ takes a sharp turn towards a bass guitar solo before returning on its path, while the passionate ‘Street Fright’ sees sequencers and guitars of both the four string and six string variety in unison for a slice of appealing gothic synthpop like a more doom-laden TRAIN TO SPAIN; a bit more fine tuning to the production and ‘Street Fright’ would have been even better.

And taking on a more syncopated electro pace, closing number ‘The War’ plays with arpeggios marvellously for some spy drama tension.

Picking up airplay, platforms have recognised AUX ANIMAUX’s promise. What the duo need to do now is observe and absorb the surroundings of their newly found profile to develop their sound further and accomplish their aims.

‘Black Holes’ is available as a download EP from https://auxanimaux.bandcamp.com





Text by Chi Ming Lai
26th March 2018