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Introducing JØTA

JØTA Photo by Vasil DzhagalovSpace travel and synths were just made to go together. JØTA is the cosmic solo project of Peter J D Mason, instrumentalist with feisty synth duo BECKY BECKY. Inspired by the Soviet Space Programme of the Cold War era, his forthcoming album ‘КОСМОС НАШ’ soundtracks the exploits of Laika The Space Dog, Alexey Leonov, Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova among others. The latter pair were respectively of course, the first man and woman in space. Continue Reading ›

Introducing BECKY BECKY

BECKY BECKY 03Brighton’s BECKY BECKY are a well-read synth duo who use their volatile relationship to inspire their obscure cabaret electro. Former lovers, the chemistry of Gemma Williams and Peter Mason has produced a number of feisty, passionate songs as showcased on their 2014 debut album ‘Good Morning, Midnight’. Just released as a single is ‘House Of The Black Madonna’, a ditty based on the novels of Jean Rhys. Continue Reading ›