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Although South America isn't usually the prime source of cream of electronica, there are gems, hidden in the depths of the Latin lands, and Argentina shines through with the example of COSAQUITOS EN GLOBO. Since their first appearance in 2004, the now duo consisting of Maru Pardo Saguier (vocals) and Sebastian Cordoves (synths/programming) have distinguished themselves with a strong electro base. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To MIKE HOWLETT

Mike-HowlettMIKE HOWLETT is undoubtedly one of the producers who helped shape the sound of Synth Britannia and Trans-Atlantic post-punk. His production career began in earnest at Dindisc Records, where he worked with fledgling acts such as THE REVILLOS, MARTHA & THE MUFFINS, MODERN EON and OMD. Presented in calendar year order and then alphabetically, with a restriction of one song per album project, TEC looks back at the impressive studio career of Mike Howlett… Continue Reading ›


Launched in North America to great acclaim last April, the book ‘Mad World: An Oral History of the New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s’ is to be formally made available in the UK. Following her highly informative interview earlier in the year, co-author Lori Majewski spoke to The Electricity Club again to reflect on the Americanisation of New Wave and why certain UK acts came to become more highly regarded in the US than back home. Continue Reading ›

ELEVEN:ELEVEN Through The Veil

111-Sicca-thumbTexan duo ELEVEN:ELEVEN have finally released their debut album ‘Through The Veil’. Combining elements of Italo Disco, Hi-NRG and Electroclash with the feisty template of Terri Nunn’s BERLIN and the Mittel Europa romanticism of VISAGE, ELEVEN:ELEVEN deliver a melodic but edgy style of electronic dance music which doesn’t cause death by four-to-the-floor! ELEVEN:ELEVEN have been described as the musical love child of GIORGIO MORODER and ADULT. Continue Reading ›

A Beginner’s Guide To GIORGIO MORODER

donna-summer-giorgio-moroderThere has been a resurgent interest in the work of GIORGIO MORODER thanks to his own life story being appropriately set to music by DAFT PUNK. But it was DONNA SUMMER’s ‘I Feel Love’ that brought the legendary producer to the world’s attention. Here are twenty pieces of interest that tell the story of the pioneer’s creative journey in electronics with a nomination restriction of one track per project but also omitting some of his more obvious hits which the world already knows and loves. Continue Reading ›

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