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A Beginner’s Guide To FACTORY RECORDS

Factory Records was one of the most iconic record labels that emerged post-punk. Founded in 1978 by Granada TV presenter Tony Wilson and actor Alan Erasmus, Wilson became more widely known for his TV series ‘So It Goes’ so was seen as a champion of new music. Via its great and not so good and using a restriction of one song per artist moniker, The Electricity Club gives its own take on Factory Records’ arty, but chaotic adventure. Continue Reading ›


LoweSumnerMarrTennantArtist collaborations can be seen in several ways. They are either a chance to take the best elements of great bands to form an even greater supergroup, or as has happened in many cases, there is a watering down of prime concepts which results in a fragmented mess of little interest to anyone. So here are 25 artist collaborations that actually worked. Over more recent years, there appears to have been much freedom for artists to collaborate. Continue Reading ›

The Electricity Club’s 2014 End Of Year Review

TEC003With 2013 having been one of the strongest years in electronic pop since its post-punk heyday, 2014 was always going to struggle to compete, despite it being the 50th Anniversary of the Moog synthesizer’s first prototype demonstration at the Audio Engineering Society convention in October 1964. While 2014 was nowhere near in terms of the high profile releases of 2013 or even 2011, it certainly surpassed the comparatively quiet year of 2012. Continue Reading ›

An Evening with BERNARD SUMNER

Bernard Sumner - Chapter&VerseThe history of JOY DIVISION and NEW ORDER is so fascinating, it is unsurprising that two films ’24 Hour Party People’ and ‘Control’ have been made using elements of those stories. However, those productions have been focussed around Factory Records impresario Tony Wilson and the short life of JOY DIVISION singer Ian Curtis respectively. Books about the period meanwhile have been a plenty. But now, Bernard Sumner, a founder member of both iconic bands, has finally opened out to tell his side of the story with the publication of his memoirs entitled ‘Chapter & Verse - New Order, Joy Division & Me’. Continue Reading ›

MARK REEDER Collaborator

FBN112CD_12pp_bookletMARK REEDER has carved out an impressive reputation for his catalogue of fine remixes. A number ended up on his fine 2011 surround sound compilation 'Five Point One' which featured JOHN FOXX and DEPECHE MODE. To follow-up ‘Five Point One’, the revived Factory Benelux label have issued ‘Collaborator’, a new compendium of remixes and collaborations by the Berlin-based Reeder. Continue Reading ›

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