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SARAH P. Maenads

There’s a group of female artists out there, who are doing it for the girls and SARAH P. is certainly one of them. This winter sees her returning Greek goddess style with a five song EP borrowing its name from Greek mythology. “Maenads” are female followers of Dionysus, the god of theatre, fertility and wine and SARAH P. feels united with her Hellenic heritage and describes the release as a true representation of herself. The need to rely on oneself is expressed in the foxy ‘Lotus Eaters’. Continue Reading ›


For the lovers of all things weird and wonderful, electronica style, here’s LOTIC with their debut ‘Power’. Choosing Berlin as their abode, the new album by Texan born artist is an “expansive exploration of the many ways in which power can be expressed and experienced”. Few years ago, LOTIC ventured into the world of quirky electronica with two EPs, ‘Heterocetera’ and ‘Agitations’, but it’s on this long player ‘Power’ that they introduce vocal experimentations for the first time. Continue Reading ›

KARIN PARK Live at The Lexington

Karin-park-live1KARIN PARK first found fame in Norway with her 2004 debut 'Superworldunknown'. Co-produced and mixed by Christoffer Berg whose credits include THE KNIFE, FEVER RAY and DEPECHE MODE, it has been a steady burner embraced through word of mouth. But even this combination of industrial, dubstep, ambient and synthpop couldn’t prepare for the spectacle of a KARIN PARK live show. Continue Reading ›


After a year’s delay, it is finally here - the comeback album of Swedish trio DAYBEHAVIOR, ‘Follow That Car!’ The trio have not been exactly prolific even by today’s standards; their first long player ‘:Adored’ came out in 1996 while there were delays for its follow-up ‘Have You Ever Touched A Dream?’ which was finally released in 2003. Carl Hammar and Paulinda Crecentini from DAYBEHAVIOR talked to Johan Wejedal about the present and the future. Continue Reading ›


IAMAMIWHOAMI is the enigmatic electronic multimedia project fronted by Jonna Lee and managed by DEF, the same stable that represent THE KNIFE, ROYKSOPP, ROBYN and MOBY worldwide. With GRIMES recently becoming the kooky electro darling of the press lately, IAMAMIWHOAMI could be in line to steal her thunder. And now, following a track-by-track audio visual campaign, Jonna Lee with silent partner and producer Claes Björklund release their long-awaited first full length physical album ‘Kin’. Continue Reading ›