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A Short Conversation with SARAH NIXEY

After a seven year absence, SARAH NIXEY is back with a nocturnal new album called ‘Night Walks’. Written whilst struggling with insomnia during a recovery from illness, her songs are set in a metropolitan sub-world where everyone dodges the dangers of reality. Nixey first won the hearts of audiences as the lead singer of BLACK BOX RECORDER. She kindly embarked on a night walk with The Electricity Club to chat about her new album and the current state of the music industry… Continue Reading ›


Sarah Nixey talkingSARAH NIXEY first became known as the lead singer of BLACK BOX RECORDER, a trio of misfit popsters. Recruited because “she had the ability to make all men fall in love with her”, she delightfully recalled the traumas of many an adolescent boy in 2000 on their Top 20 hit ‘The Facts Of Life’. SARAH NIXEY kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about her developing solo career and her move into a more naturalistic aural environment. So, this is SARAH NIXEY talking. Continue Reading ›