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At one of the most prolific stages of his career, Neil Arthur is also on an artistic high with the new BLANCMANGE long player ‘Unfurnished Rooms’ easily surpassing the lame 2017 effort by another act who were also showcased on the influential ‘Some Bizarre Album’ in 1981. Playing host to the second date of the ‘Unfurnished Rooms’ tour was London’s 229, a spacious new venue with an unusually high stage opposite Great Portland Street tube station. More Inside ›

BLANCMANGE Unfurnished Rooms

Following the collaborative project with Benge as FADER, this relationship is perpetuated with the JOHN FOXX sideman tackling production duties on the new BLANCMANGE album ‘Unfurnished Rooms’. The eponymous album opener is an intriguing mixture of guitar textures, interlocking monosynths and Linn Drum programming. Neil Arthur’s vocals convey a real sense of loss and a brilliant chanting “search, search!” helps tie the whole piece together. More Inside ›

A Short Conversation with BLANCMANGE

To say that Neil Arthur is in the most prolific stage of his career would be an understatement. Since BLANCMANGE returned in 2011 with ‘Blanc Burn’, there have been a further three long players. September 2017 sees the arrival of the eighth BLANCMANGE long player ’Unfurnished Rooms’; Neil Arthur kindly spoke to The Electricity Club about ‘Unfurnished Rooms’, working with John Grant and his thoughts on the new LCD SOUNDSYSTEM album… More Inside ›

A Short Conversation with CURXES

CURXES first appeared in 2011, releasing the ‘Precurxor’ EP in 2014 and an album ‘Verxes’ a year later. Now comprising of Roberta Fidora, she is now back with her own brand of oblique electronic choral post-pop. With a new album ‘Gilded Cage’ and a four date tour opening for BLANCMANGE on the horizon , Roberta Fidora chatted to The Electricity Club about the new phase of CURXES. More Inside ›

BLANCMANGE The Blanc Tapes

Daniel Miller referred to BLANCMANGE affectionately as “the maiden aunts of electronic music”, while Moby considers them “possibly the most under-rated electronic act of all time”. Edsel Records release the first three BLANCMANGE albums as expanded 3CD editions which are also compiled as a deluxe 9 disc set entitled ‘The Blanc Tapes’. The bonus discs gather together B-sides, BBC radio sessions, live material and previously unreleased demos. Meanwhile, the horribly unsympathetic liner notes by Alan Robinson that adorned the 2008 Edsel reissues have now been replaced by commentary from Neil Arthur. More Inside ›

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