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BLANCMANGE The Blanc Tapes

Daniel Miller referred to BLANCMANGE affectionately as “the maiden aunts of electronic music”, while Moby considers them “possibly the most under-rated electronic act of all time”. Edsel Records release the first three BLANCMANGE albums as expanded 3CD editions which are also compiled as a deluxe 9 disc set entitled ‘The Blanc Tapes’. The bonus discs gather together B-sides, BBC radio sessions, live material and previously unreleased demos and it is these that will be of most interest to BLANCAMANGE fans. Meanwhile, the horribly unsympathetic liner notes by Alan Robinson that adorned the 2008 Edsel reissues have now been replaced by commentary from Neil Arthur. More Inside ›

FADER Interview

FADER is a new collaboration between Neil Arthur of BLANCMANGE and Benge, best known for his work with WRANGLER + JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS. The FADER album ‘First Light’ showcases the strengths of both involved, whilst evoking a purist analogue electronic sound that harks back to the first wave of Synth Britannia when acts like THE NORMAL brought technology into the punk ethos. Neil Arthur and Benge kindly spoke to The Electricity Club... More Inside ›

FADER First Light

‘First Light’ is the debut album from FADER a synth superduo (if you will) featuring Neil Arthur from BLANCMANGE and Benge, best known for his work with WRANGLER and JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS. The obvious thing to do here is to compare ‘First Light’ with the last couple of WRANGLER albums and Benge’s work with JOHN FOXX. What strikes immediately is that with Neil Arthur on board, this is a much softer and more melodic sound. More Inside ›


jean-michel-jarre-o2-03Since March 2010, The Electricity Club has built up a big portfolio of live reports featuring gigs by evergreens such as JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, OMD and HEAVEN 17 to modern day exponents of electronic music like EAST INDIA YOUTH, NIGHT CLUB, VILE ELECTRODES and TENEK. Events both home and abroad have also been reviewed. All of TEC’s live reports have been archived in an easy-to-use page set in reverse chronological order. More inside › More Inside ›


Today, electronic instrumental music is everywhere, but often in the form of tedious dance tracks with no tunes all over Beatport and social media. Luckily, there are still exponents of the classic synth instrumental, and thanks to the rise of the Synthwave sub-genre, there is currently a sympathetic environment for more esoteric and melodic musical offerings. TEC presents its 25 FAVOURITE SYNTH INSTRUMENTALS Of The 21ST CENTURY… More Inside ›

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