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Ghost-Capsules-664x663The music of Vienna based quartet GHOST CAPSULES is exactly as the band describe: ”Dark chocolate electro”… purer, slightly bitter and perhaps not necessarily to everyone’s tastes despite the quality of the ingredients; their sound however is a fascinating, rewarding listen. GHOST CAPSULES capture that element of intrigue found in so many Nordic electronic acts while counterpointing with an accessibility via some hypnotic beats and cool but catchy melodies. Continue Reading ›


Ghost Capsules2Vienna 2010…. Friday 29th October to be precise….. Tim Simenon, multi-talented musician, composer, producer and label owner was in attendance with BOMB THE BASS. Who could possibly have known then that fate would bring two members of the supporting band at that show - drummer Roman Lugmayr and keyboard player Georg Lichenauer - together with Simenon? The story continues when singer Laura Gomez was booked by Simenon for one of his club nights…fate intervened again, the circle was complete and GHOST CAPSULES were born. Continue Reading ›