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30 Lost Art School Bops Of The Digital Era

Here are 30 songs which may have escaped attention as the world went grunge and then had an ongoing hangover in the wake of Britpop. Denied mainstream recognition and now lost when looking from a UK perspective even within the dwindling synth music community, these offerings come from artists who have mostly remained in total obscurity. Starting from 1992 when the CD established itself as the dominant format to the year before TEC came into being, here are 30 Lost Art School Bops. Continue Reading ›

Introducing GWENNO

GWENNO by Jacek Davis PhotographyRecently appearing on BBC4’s ‘Music For Misfits’ documentary series, GWENNO was featured as an example of Heavenly Recordings continuing role as an independent music platform. GWENNO’s Welsh and Cornish heritage has allowed her to develop a unique brand of lo-fi electronica. With her full-length debut ‘Y Dydd Olaf’ now reissued by Heavenly Recordings, GWENNO has deservedly gained an increased profile for her music. Continue Reading ›


Hailing from Brooklyn, THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS are Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman, a girl-boy duo who combine the electronic and the organic into a sultry new wave fusion. Their self-titled debut came in late 2010 and on it, the fantastic opener ‘Young Aren’t Young’ produced by Richard X was a dreamy Italo-disco number layered with the type of chordial guitar that would have made Bernard Sumner proud. Continue Reading ›