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DRAMATIS Interview

DRAMATIS were a band of GARY NUMAN sidemen who toured the skies, but came into being as their own entity after their boss prematurely formalised his retirement from live performance at Wembley Arena in April 1981. With work now progressing on a second DRAMATIS album, RRussell Bell kindly chatted to The Electricity Club about why it has taken so long to follow-up ‘For Future Reference’ and the possibility of live dates… Continue Reading ›

A Short Conversation with STEPHEN ROPER

Stephen Roper & Gary NumanStephen Roper is best known for ‘Back Stage – A Book Of Reflections’, a comprehensive account of GARY NUMAN’s imperial years between 1979 – 1981. And now, he has joined forces with The Electricity Club to present TEC004 at Epic Studios in Norwich. The event will take place on SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBER 2016 and feature MARSHEAUX, KID KASIO and RODNEY CROMWELL. Stephen Roper chatted to TEC about his various endeavours in his love of Numan and electronic pop music… Continue Reading ›

Lost Albums: DRAMATIS For Future Reference

Following the ‘retirement’ of GARY NUMAN with his spectacular farewell shows at Wembley Arena in April 1981, four of his erstwhile backing band officially went ‘solo’ under the moniker of DRAMATIS. RRussell Bell, Denis Haines, Chris Payne and Ced Sharpley toured the skies with the Machine Music pioneer and had been instrumental (pun totally intended) in the success of Numan’s powerful live presentation. Continue Reading ›

GARY NUMAN Back Stage – A Book Of Reflections

Lifelong Numan fan Stephen Roper has devoted the last three years to compiling Back Stage - A Book Of Reflections. The book focuses on the years 1979 - 81, when GARY NUMAN was at the peak of his fame and commercial success. It features first-hand accounts of those who were closest to him at the time including band members, record company executives, friends such as JOHN FOXX, THE SKIDS and DEVO plus support acts OMD, SIMPLE MINDS and NASH THE SLASH. The foreword is provided by Numan himself while he also contributes a chapter. The Electricity Club spoke to book contributors Chris Payne, RRussell Bell and Tim Dry. Continue Reading ›

CED SHARPLEY 1952 – 2012

CED SHARPLEY, drummer with GARY NUMAN between 1979 to 1992 has sadly passed away following a heart attack last week. The tragic news was announced on Twitter by his fellow band mate RRussell Bell who worked with him in GARY NUMAN’s band and DRAMATIS: “Just heard that my dear friend and colleague, Ced Sharpley passed away this evening. Words aren’t enough”. GARY NUMAN himself said on Twitter: “I don’t know what to say. Shocked and very, very sad” Continue Reading ›