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Like Germany and the UK, Sweden has an established history in electronic music. With a melodic tradition rooted in traditional Nordic folk music and the region’s long dark nights causing bouts of melancholy, the Swedes are more than well suited to stay indoors and further the art of synthpop. So what’s so special about Sweden then? Listed chronologically from its UK perspective with a restriction of one song per moniker, here are The Electricity Club’s 25 SVENSKA SYNTH SONGS… Continue Reading ›

CLUB 8 Pleasure

CLUB8 PleasureSweden consistently delivers in the field of electronica and 2015 has been truly won over by the Swedes. New, fledging bands have surfaced with a quality of material, which some weathered UK bands should be jealous of. CLUB 8, however, have been around for a long while. Twenty years have passed since teenager Karolina Komstedt, a gifted young singer, founded the enterprise, joined by Johan Angergård. Continue Reading ›

Five Years of TEC: 30 Lost Songs of The Electricity Club 2010 – 2014

TEC 5 years-03Over the five years since its inception in 2010, The Electricity Club has aimed to highlight the best new music within the electronic pop world. But with so much music and only a finite allocation of time, songs have slipped under the radar occasionally, or perhaps only received a glancing mention. However, a bit of time and distance can reveal if these recordings really are actually lost gems and whether The Electricity Club missed the boat. So here are 30 songs which are worthy of rediscovery. Continue Reading ›